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The true horror stories in Paris-Part 7

It is November already?  What a 'two months' it has been!  It is about time I uploaded a new true horror story.  So here goes. Parisians may be the most sought after people in the world.  Their fashion, philosophy and most important of all their society is coveted by those who flew in with utmost expectation.  Of course, Parisians are not obliged to reciprocate just because people self-invited themselves into their city of light.  ‘But I tried so hard to be nice to them!’  Leila uttered with grudge.  She is one of those hopefuls rejected by Parisians after having lived here for some years.  Her reaction is a giveaway that she is a white person.  I can’t speak for all the coloured races, but I for one, would be content if the locals just responded to me calmly.  Friendship is not something you can demand of people and there is another kind of comfort in being left alone.  But I suspect people like Leila needs Parisian friends as a trophy to prover herself to the people

The true horror stories in Paris-Part 6

I here upload my first post since I moved to Blogger.  Thank God to the administrators of Blogger because my old posts have suddenly attracted thousands of viewers and all I did was having them transferred from Wordpress where I only attracted one or two views per day. If you have read my true horror story in Paris part 1 to 5, you may wonder whatever happened to that Japanese middle-aged spinster who tried to brainwash me to hand over to her my cash as offerings.  Maybe this bit is a true horror story only possible in France.  One year on she is still employed by the same bank because of the iron clad Union power รก la Francaise.  Her superior has been under stress worrying over what she may be doing with her other Japanese clients’ accounts and yet he can’t fire her.  Her coworkers are also stressed mentally and physically because their workloads have increased due to the fact this spinster could not be trusted with new clients.  A few months ago I had to call my current council