The true horror stories in Paris-Part 7

It is November already?  What a 'two months' it has been!  It is about time I uploaded a new true horror story.  So here goes.

Parisians may be the most sought after people in the world.  Their fashion, philosophy and most important of all their society is coveted by those who flew in with utmost expectation.  Of course, Parisians are not obliged to reciprocate just because people self-invited themselves into their city of light. 

‘But I tried so hard to be nice to them!’  Leila uttered with grudge.  She is one of those hopefuls rejected by Parisians after having lived here for some years.  Her reaction is a giveaway that she is a white person.  I can’t speak for all the coloured races, but I for one, would be content if the locals just responded to me calmly.  Friendship is not something you can demand of people and there is another kind of comfort in being left alone.  But I suspect people like Leila needs Parisian friends as a trophy to prover herself to the people back home.  Not everyone can achieve authentic success in life.

Leila was too eager to trash Parisians starting with her own landlords even on the day we first met as neighbours. This is the first stage.  The next stage is depressing because they vent their frustration of rejection on the minorities or the weak.  I knew her recent victim.  He had been my previous resident, a kind old English retiree.  He was a white, but weak in physic due to his age and this Leila took ample advantage of until his life in Paris became such a hell until he finally had to leave the place.  This I was told only after I moved in. 

So with a sinking heart I faced her approaching me sinisterly with a visibly superficial smile.  You might wonder if Leila used violence, but no.  In Paris there is more than violence to harm people.  To be continued