The true horror stories in Paris-Part 9

Mr. A. returned to his apartment feeling much relieved that his talk with Leila went cordially.  He would at last have peace and quiet after this night.  He put on his kettle to make himself a cupper…then his hand stopped.  That blasted grounding noise started above his head.  Leila had turned on her washing machine as soon as he had left.  ‘Oh, maybe she just needs to do one lot because she could not help it that she came home after 19:00…’  Mr. A. tried to explain Leila to himself, but she could have set the timer on her machine so that it would wash during the normal hours of the following day.

The machine got louder as it reached the final spinning stage.  Because of the thin walls and ceiling in Paris’ old buildings, it felt as if he was inside the spinning machine with his guts being oppressed.  Mr. A held on waiting for the final bang.  It came and the quiet that followed relaxed his muscles.  Mr. A sighed.  It was nearly 22:00.  But wait…Leila re-started the washing cycle immediately.

Mr. A felt his blood pressure rising.  He had told Leila that he was taking medication for his high blood pressure, that he needed peace and quiet at night.  She was very sympathetic about it and eagerly listened on.  This behavior did not make sense to him because he was a genuinely sympathetic man himself and could not imagine that some people thrived on other people’s misfortune.  Up to this point her washing was just anti-social behavior, brought about by her obvious ill upbringing, but now she has been informed that it stresses Mr. A., both mentally AND physically.

The washing finally stopped after 01:00.  Mr. A. was suffering from mild palpation but the much craved silence gradually turned him drowsy.

The poor man was woken up by the grounding noise again.  It was 02:00 in the morning.  Leila knew her game.  She must have observed misery in the others and learnt by now that giving her victims a pause makes the following strike more potent.  Mr. A. felt his chest squeezed and passed out.  He made a futile effort to knock on the ceiling, but he slid off the ladder from the shaking limbs.  His memory ends there.

He had lost some sense in his tongue when he woke up later.    To be continued.