The true horror stories in Paris-Part 14

Up to this point I had never thought of the possibility of the two neighbours from Hell being involved in crimes.  I was afraid of Leila’s fiancé turning physically violent on me, but the frequent use of the washing machine upstairs was becoming abnormal. 

So I decided to google two words, ‘washing machine’ and the other word…I had no ideas what it was called because I was a boring prude that I still am.  Then by pure luck the YouTube videos featuring Mr. Bill Maher that I had been following was discussing the medical use of some potent plants.  I saw the word that starts with ‘W’ on the monitor next to Mr. Maher.  That must be the second word I needed.  I googled and then was blown away by all the videos that came up.  I knew that man was not in cleanliness.  But how could Leila, who seemingly a smart woman, could be supporting such a man?  Then I remembered one conversation we had before she turned anti-social on me.

I remembered Leila hobbling down the stairs a few days after I moved in.  She looked weak so I stopped to inquire.  She was in agony because of her chronical pain in her knees.  ‘Have you tried acupuncture?  It works,’ I said as any Asian would.  Leila, however, had already tried it, but could not keep up with the expensive fees.  Everything is expensive in Paris.  She looked so miserable when we parted that I was surprised to see her bouncing around in her high heels shortly afterwards.  She was in a very jolly mood too.  That’s nice and I did not think much of it until now. 

Back to the video of Mr. Bill Maher.  He had a back pain and relied on medically prescribed Marijuana.  I never thought I would ever write this word in my prudish blog, but I am seeing it differently now.  First, Mr. Bill Maher had already impressed me with his fair and accurate observations coated with British style satire and American enthusiasm (best of the two worlds.) Secondly, now that I have learnt that it was medically helpful and prescribed through the proper channels in some states, why blame the plant for the immorality of the shady dealers who used to sell them illegally? In fact had it been legalized in France, Leila would have been able to afford it and she may not have been vulnerable to her fiancé, or rather what he could provide her with.  And had it not been for that shady fiancé, I could have contacted the police to complain Leila’s anti-social behavior without the fear of retaliation by his associates.

Was moving the only solution for my plight?  To be continued.

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