The true horror stories in Paris-Part 10

No matter how many times she has been terror attacked Paris does not lose her glamour and continues to allure tourists.  The life in Paris has been a battle of some form or another all along.  It is nothing new and the Parisians, the survivors deserved to be proud.  The world may judge the Parisians to be arrogant, but they have earned the right to be selective as to whom they befriend.  You cannot fool them with a mere superficial smile.  They can see through you, just like they have seen through Leila and not one Parisian opted to be close, polite but not embracing.  Leila wonders why but there is one man who knows the reason.  Our poor Mr. A. who woke up with less sense in his tongue.

He immediately complained to Leila’s landlord.  However…Leila made good use  of her youth and turned the story around.  Mr. A, a lonely old man, had been seeking her attention and after declining his advance he tried to get back at her with his ludicrous claim.  

Now, the landlords tend to believe their paying tenants.  

Also the centuries of old men lusting after young women has come back to bite Mr. A.  To be honest, even I suspected him of that a little not knowing him personally.  Mr. A left the apartment, broken and beaten, before the noise affected his blood pressure more.

I decided to move in after him because of its affordability.  So back to the scene of True horror stories in Paris-Part 8 where Leila approached me.  She had already trashed her landlord as a spoiled Parisian and spoke of Mr. A. as a narcotic invasive man.  I secretly wondered what she would be saying about me later.  I kept the conversation polite and hoped for the best.

One night I came home with flu and headache.  Leila saw it and kindly said ‘I am sorry for that.  I hope you will have a good rest for a quick recovery.’  Her eyes, however, were glimmering with amusement.  That night, her washing started at 10:00 and went on until 02:00.  My French was not yet good enough to contact the Police.  Besides I was suffering from nausea, high fever and headache.  Mr. A. was telling the truth.  Leila was the anti-social from Hell.  Who else would walk around her home in high heels after midnight?  To be continued.