The true horror stories in Paris-Part 12

I was going to call the Police should the washing continue to the later hours, but the image of Leila’s fiancé was somewhat unnerving.  Besides, that night Leila did not do her washing.  Probably she had tediously done so during my absence, only to have found out that she wasted her electricity for nothing because I had not been there to suffer the noise.  Her high heels could be heard on my ceiling though.  It conveyed her mood that she was irritated.  Being with her beloved did not seem to improve her mood.  Who said that love conquers all?  Not the dark desire to harm the others from the looks of it.

The following morning her high heels left the apartment.  I was surprised to see her fiancé standing by the window of the stairs in the afternoon.  I did not ask any questions, but he started gloating on his high educational degrees.  And he found himself living in Leila’s room with no day jobs?  I would accept that as appropriate from writers and artists only.  He went back to Leila’s place and to my surprise, started the washing machine.  Once was normal, but he repeated.  Now that is unusual in men.  My apology in advance for stereotyping, but aren’t men generally pigs who hate washing?

I found it difficult to concentrate on my home works under the tedious washing machine noise, but I was further dismayed when I heard Leila’s high heels came home.  Their washing machine continued until 12:00 but I could not call the police.  Something made me hesitate.  I was only glad that it stopped and fell asleep immediately.

I was woken up by the banging on the ceiling.  It was 03:00.  The banging was repeated like 20 times.  I froze.  Then as if that had not been enough, the man started banging a furniture on his floor/my ceiling.  It had to be the man because a woman could not lift up a furniture repeatedly to strike it down on the floor.  My only thought was ‘why?’  I knew Leila was a dark character, but would a man go along with her sick game?  How suited they were to each other.  And they would be sick enough to have their revenge if I ever called the police on them.  This was why Mr. A. had not done so.  To be continued.
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