The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 17

North Korea launched another missile towards Japan just hours ago and yet I am updating my blog as business as usual.  Just as we often refuse to confront the imminent danger, we also deny the past danger as if it had been all in our mind.  

In my case, I wanted to retain faith in humanity so as days gone by I tried to see Leila in a more sympathetic light.  Had she not been suffering from chronical pain in her joints, she may not have mixed up with a bad news like him.  Then she may have been nicer, if not less anti-social…

However, I could not suppress the memory of her high heels persistently struck against the tile floor in the middle of night.  The impact did not just annoy Mr. A. and me, but it may have well been the reason her joints were damaged which led to her having chronical pain.  Maybe it was her malicious intent that started the whole negative spiral karma after all...

It was with this thought I stood in front of the mailbox when the postman placed a packet aside the mail boxes.  The address was right, but he could not find the name plate that matched the name written over the packet.  It was addressed to Leila.  A distant memory flashed back.  It was of Leila going pale holding a packet in front of her mailbox, just like the one that has just been delivered…anonymously.  

Paris, this city of light (or enlightenment) brings the best but also the worst out of you if you were not careful.

To be continued.