The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 18

I could see from the ripped corner of the large envelope that it was a bag of snack.  Why anyone would go pale over that, I wondered.  We were still at the talking stage, Leila and me.  I suggested ‘Has a company sent you a sample?’  She replied ‘No’ with a subdued voice.  ‘A gift from your friend?’  I asked thinking it would be an odd gift to send by post.  Leila blurted out, ‘but I am allergic to this!  No friend of mine would send me this stuff!’ 

Some allergic is more serious than others.  People can pass out…even on the street where automobiles go by.  The snack would be an unkind gift in this case.  ‘Do you recognize the name of the sender?’  Leila showed me it was blank.  To make the matter weirder, it had been posted overseas.  I was absolutely stupefied.

A few months later, here I was looking at another anonymous package addressed to Leila.  I could tell the content was again a bag of snack.  Someone wanted her dead.  I just sensed it.  I saw the postage and recognized the country to be related to this one person.  Mr. A.

I confess I had wondered if Leila wanted that old gentleman to have a stroke or something from her noise harassment and…die.  What an absurd imagination, or so I thought.  The sender of the package must have known she would not touch the food, but she would get the message, which probably was ‘I know you wished to kill me.  You would not have been punished by the secular criminal laws, but your soul is tainted no matter how nice a person you tried to portray yourself with your sweet egalitarian speech.’  Leila certainly got the message and thus turned pale.  Not that it stopped her from noise-harassing me later.

I dropped the package because another thought occurred to me.  Mr. A. could have seen Leila eating at a nearby vegan shop.  If the sender was Mr. A., it meant he had knowingly exposed me to a psychopath.  I had even moved in a month early so he could leave sooner.  His reason was that he got a job offer elsewhere, but…

Leila would not have minded if Mr. A died…likewise Mr. A. would not have cared if I was harmed.  What a hypocritical gentleman he turned out to be.  I say this again that Paris may bring the best out of you, but also the worst out of you if you were not careful.

To be continued to another true horror story in the modern Paris.
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