The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 16

Needless to say I caught up with my long awaited restful sleep in Wien the first few days.  As I regained my strength I assessed the situation.  The bar next door should not be too much problems as the owner-residents would surely take care of the noise once they are back from Christmas holidays.  So it was back to those two anti-socials upstairs. 
Perhaps I could notify the owner and the police and stay away from Paris for a while.  That would have cost me unnecessary expenses, but quitting Paris for good never occurred to me.  Not until I got harassed by the French.  Leila was from Algeria and she seemed determined to defy anything French including the French regulations.  She was determined to establish superiority over me the Asian by any means, mostly foul.  She may try but those two misfit foreigners were not going to drive me away from Paris.  Besides…something told me the things were going to be all right as I listened to the God sent voice of angels by the Vienna Boys’ Choir.
In January I returned to my place.  As I climbed up the stairs I noticed the air was light.  I said this before but people’s negative aura carries an actual weight.  An old lady passed by and wished me Bonne Année with the news that Leila and her fiancé had left.  Or rather gotten kicked out by their landlord.  Now if you remember of this poor tourist who came knocking on my door for a hair dryer because Leila had taken hers with her.  I felt so sorry for this innocent tourist whose dream holidays in Paris was ruined by the endless party noise from the bar next door that before I left for Wien I asked this old lady neighbor to rent this tourist a hair dryer.  I would have rented out mine, but I was not going to return before this tourist left. 
It turned out that this building had a strict regulation against the tenants renting out to the tourists without the knowledge of the landlords.  The old lady neighbor promptly informed Leila’s landlord who immediately kicked Leila out.  The fate may have intervened through the misdemeanor of the bar next door to which Leila and her fiancé responded with greed.  They thought to extract some cash from tourists while they escaped the party noise at their parents’.  I could not touch those two anti-socials, but their own greed could.
I sat down and cried from relief.  However, this is Paris.  It would not end without one more twist.  To be continued.

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