The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 20

I am drained, I am fighting palpation.  The new true horror story in the modern Paris is difficult for me to write because I am still living the nightmare.  It is not over after 6 months and the perpetrator is gaining the ground.  Because it is true I have to alter some aspects so as not to be sued for the invasion of privacy.  However, I am so weaken, mentally and physically, that I am not up to the task. A few neighbors have left because of this restaurant from hell.  

And yet the owner who is charming to the celebrities, but shamelessly cruel to ordinary folks, is enjoying parties every night while ripping the tourists off during the day in the middle of the historic Marais.  She is a racist, of course, but the Chinese guests who hold celebration gatherings do not know the corners have been cut off from their food and drinks.   She has pulled a few strings to get the restaurant on even the Tripadvisor.  The first review was an obvious set-up, but the second one complained of their food being 'too little, too expensive.'

I have held my ground until tonight, but I cannot stop my heart racing like mad.  I may have to lose a lot to save my life.  The man flesh butcher behind the Notre Dame Cathedral who prayed on the outsiders...the curse resurfaces, or so it seems. 

To be continued…I hope.  
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