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The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 25

Discrimination takes all kinds of forms, but basically it is the ultimate means of survival through choosing easy weak preys.  Predators leave the rich alone and prefer to take from the poor what few they possess because the rich would put up a fierce defense while the poor cannot afford lawyers.  Fortunately for the bullies, there are more of the weak than the rich and powerful.  The principle of low interest sales is feasible in every field. My landlord was a senior French lady and  I shall refer to her as ‘Mme. Landlord.’  y Mr. Pride ignored her requests to share his plan for the restaurant, for an instance, what electric appliances he intended to install, etc.  Mr. Pride even had the nerve to jeer at the fine lady that she knew the restaurant was there when she purchased her apartment.  It was too bad that Mme. Landlord’s tenants would go mad from the noise and that the value of Mme. Landlord’s property would depreciate significantly.  That is the price one pays for being stu

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 24

I cannot describe the physical appearance of Mr. Pride and Mme. Empathy in this true story.  I have had to modify minor details of the situation so as to hide their identity, but this I can say.  They would look at you as their preys and the air around you feel heavier.  Out of fear you feel compelled to please them as they chat you up as if you are special.  But the moment you contradict them, their eyes widen up with a fierce glare, I later learnt. The restaurant needs a ventilator, a huge one that emits non-stop loud noise.  The chefs would find it loud also but the air gets sucked into the ventilator, and then vibrates up the extracting pipe.  The chefs are not exposed to the vibration that travels upwards, but it is the residents upstairs who get hit with the full force of it.  Therefore, restaurant owners with conscience would install the extractor on their sidewall.  I have seen one in this bistro near Pont Mirabeau.  It was run by an honest looking man and his wife.  O

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 23

Needless to say our Madame Empathy does not give a toss about other people.  She just wanted to have fun without paying a price for it.  Why not?  Men had indulged her for her looks and seduction all her life.  Keeping to the rules was for fools and ugly women who could not hope to manipulate men.  That was the reputation which had preceded her, but the truth was she did not care for the life of others either.     In the historical part of Paris, the buildings are made of natural material, not cement or modern stuff.  Thus the authority PASU regulates so that restaurants do not install electric appliances of capacity higher than 20K in the old residential buildings.  Otherwise the noise would be too loud and generate excess electromagnetics.  Long exposure to this electric wave would cause cancer, so it has been discovered.  ‘But I won’t live in the building, so I will be safe’ thought Madame Empathy.  She had already chosen a HUGE shiny commercial refrigerator.  Nothing but the b

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 22

Despite the national motto ‘equality’, France is surprisingly a polarized society.  On one side is a small group of incredibly rich elites enjoying absolute dominancy over those on the other side who are financially oppressed.  There are decent French people who uphold morality…and yet there is also a culture that hails cheating as being cool.   The system has made it easy for those cheaters too.  For instance every new restaurant must seek permission from the Council and an organization called PASU.   Insulation of the premises is mandatory so as not to deteriorate the quality of life of the other residents of the buildings.  However, the authorities do not conduct follow-up inspection to check if the restaurant has indeed carried out all that was claimed in their application for the permit.  ‘Great’, thought our Mme. Empathy.  Insulation costs a lot in Paris and she would much prefer to spend more money on the d├ęcor of her new restaurant where she would reign like a Queen. H