Friday, 5 May 2017

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 22

Despite the national motto ‘equality’, France is surprisingly a polarized society.  On one side is a small group of incredibly rich elites enjoying absolute dominancy over those on the other side who are financially oppressed.  There are decent French people who uphold morality…and yet there is also a culture that hails cheating as cool.  The last phrase was given to me by a group of French. 

The system has made it easy for those cheaters too.  For instance every new restaurant must seek permission from the Council and an organization called PASU.   Insulation of the premises is mandatory so as not to deteriorate the quality of life of the other residents of the buildings.  However, the authorities do not conduct follow-up inspection to check if the restaurant has indeed carried out all that was claimed in their application for the permit.  ‘Great’, thought our Mme. Empathy.  Insulation costs a lot in Paris and she would much prefer to spend more money on the décor of her new restaurant where she would reign like a Queen.

Her partner, our Mr. Pride, checked to see who lived near the restaurant.  They were either tenants or tourists.  ‘Great’, thought Mr. Pride because in France, it is up to the victims of noise to notify the authority, in this case, PASU, of the offending restaurant within two months of the day the permit to run a restaurant was issued.  The tenants and tourists would leave without complaining to the owner.  Soon two months would expire and the owners of the building would be deemed to have accepted the conditions, no matter how horrendous they were. 

In the touristic areas, many restaurants operate in residential buildings.  Next time you are in Paris, look up at the apartment right above the bustling restaurants.  Some rooms look deserted, probably by the owner who could not afford to hire a lawyer to contest the cheating restaurant.  Tremendous sadness is cast…or is that all in the room, really?  To be continued.
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