True horror is the cheaters that thrive in Paris Part 11

My complete profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups, starting with my gender and race.  I have been harassed on many levels throughout my life, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself, which inspired me to share it on this blog.  I quote many others before me that 'True horror is hidden within man'.


The French are vivid conversationalists.  I had already known about this, so I was not going to fuss over the restaurant's human-related noise.  Instead, I was more concerned about infrasound (low-frequency noise) emitted by machines because the study has discovered that prolonged exposure to infrasound leads to chronic headache, uneasy breathing caused by the suppression applied to one's chest, and eventually to depression that ends in suicide.  Infrasound is inaudible for some months until one day, your brain has finally had it.  Thus its name is 'the silent killer.  Commercial refrigerators, freezers, and ventilators are the biggest source of infrasound and in Germany, it is regulated by the authority.  

In France, I'm afraid it is near anarchy which is sad because the scientist who first discovered infrasound was a French man.  The French are correct in considering them genius, and they make excellent regulations.  HOWEVER, they do not follow them up to make sure the wonderful rules are observed.  Well, occasionally they do, but not nearly enough; thus, rigorous Germany is the leading nation in combatting infrasound now, not France where it was first discovered.  The USA was importing the insulation material specially designed to combat infrasound, but maybe they are manufacturing it themselves now. 

This is good news to Mr PRIDE and Mme. HEART, who wished to install an enormous commercial refrigerator.  The French authority would not allow it in the residential buildings, but they did not come around to check unless someone in the building complained.  If no one complained for two months, then it would be deemed fine by the residents, and the authority would let the restaurant be without even checking it themselves. 

So, agile Mme. HEART held off installing the enormous commercial refrigerator and other freezers for two months.  She regretted it when she learned that an Asian who barely spoke French was moving in.  Had she known this, she would have placed the order much sooner.  To this, Mr. PRIDE reminded her that the Asian woman is not a problem, but this one owner Mme. HARMONY had been demanding to see the infrastructure and facilities of his kitchen.  Mr PRIDE, of course, ignored all her requests.  Her apartment was situated near the restaurant and her tenants would go mad, but that was not his problem.  The value of her apartment would depreciate significantly, but his commercial property (the restaurant) would go up, and that was all that mattered. 

Mme. HARMONY did not know the situation of Mr PRIDE, but she knew that Mme. HEART was sued by the entire neighbourhood for breaching every possible regulation in her last restaurant.  Mme. HEART was given the guilty verdict, but undaunted, she applied for another license for a new venue, which was promptly denied by the authority.  However, Mme. HEART had a powerful friend who could overturn the verdict.  Thus there were no ways she could be trusted to run an ethical restaurant, and Mme. HARMONY was justified to be afraid. 

When I first heard the story, I was incredulous.  How could such nepotism be possible in an advanced nation like France?  I was still naïve to expect Mme. HEART would have learned from her past mistake and would get it right this time.  I focused on applying DIY insulation material to the ceiling until the restaurant's opening night had arrived. 

Mirror that reflects your soulThen it happened.  The hell-turbo engulfed my apartment.  The invisible but strong force gripped my lungs and pinned me down to the floor I had to push myself up with all my strength while losing balance to the vibration from below.   I was fast losing breath and felt my blood pressure rising.  I managed to stagger towards the small kitchen half shielded by a wall.  I gulped the water down instinctively in the hope to ease my heightened blood pressure. 

The restaurant from Hell had landed.