Sunday, 28 May 2017

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 25

Discrimination takes all kinds of forms, but basically it is the ultimate means of survival through choosing easy weak preys.  Predators leave the rich alone and prefer to take from the poor what few they possess because the rich would put up a fierce defense while the poor cannot afford lawyers.  Fortunately for the bullies, there are more of the weak than the rich and powerful.  The principle of low interest sales is feasible in every field.

My landlord was a senior French lady who was suffering from cancer.  The treatment drained her of time and energy to care for her property.  I shall refer to her as ‘Mme. Landlord.’  Her vulnerability was fully taken advantage of by Mr. Pride who chose to ignore her requests to share his plan for the restaurant, for an instance, what electric appliances he intended to install, etc.  Mr. Pride even had the nerve to jeer at the fine lady that she knew the restaurant was there when she purchased her apartment.  It was too bad that Mme. Landlord’s tenants would go mad from the noise and that the value of Mme. Landlord’s property would depreciate significantly.  That is the price one pays for being stupid and of course, Mr. Pride was the smart one, he added smugly.

Mme. Landlord quickly reminded Mr. Pride that the Council had rejected his application for restaurant permit when she purchased her apartment.  No legal restaurant therefore existed.  It was only after Mme. Empathy pulled a few strings that the restaurant permit was finally granted, or so she boasted but she would lie as she breathed.   It was more likely through false pretense the permit was finally granted.  Mr. Pride clucked his tongue because he would have to lie low for two months so that the old hag, Mme. Landlord would not poke her nose in. 

Maybe many cheaters in Paris had waited two months before they opened their restaurant to fool other landlords and this is what Mr. Pride and Mme. Empathy could have done.  But this meant the loss of two months’ income and they had already suffered a setback after the initial rejection of the permit.  They had already missed one summer to rip off tourists that they had much to make up.  However, luckily for them, the cancer treatment kept Mme. Landlord away and her new tenant was that little Asian woman who would not know how to complain.   Her French was pathetic and the authority in France barely understood English. 

So it was decided.  The restaurant from hell was to be opened just 10 days after the permit was granted.  To be continued.
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