Saturday, 15 July 2017

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 31

Mr Pride raised an eyebrow on learning that Mme. Landlord had reported his act of breach of trust to the Syndic.  However, he knew the Syndic would not oppose him because he was the largest shareholders of the building, and thus had the power to fire the Syndic.  Despite the claim of being the nation of equal rights, France is severely polarized society that favours the elites and the rich.  The frequent strike that French workers are renowned for is more like act of desperation rather than defiance.   

Indeed, the CEO of the Syndic refrained from taking any actions against the restaurant.  The blow struck Mme. Landlord hard and shocked me.  There was no way she could gather consent of the other landlords to hire a lawyer against Mr Pride in time.  Three weeks had already passed since the legal permit was granted to the restaurant.  Mme. Empathy was confident that two months provisional limitation would pass without a hitch.   I could foresee the hell that would follow after the expiration date, not that it was not already hell in my apartment.  The sight of all the deserted rooms above restaurants in Paris crossed my mind.   The victims of the financially polarized France.

However, I was from Japan, a nation of ‘nearly all-middle income class.’  I am not a rich person, but had a saving that I had meant to spend on learning French culture.  I was at the crossroad: one was to keep my saving and leave France; the other was to learn the French culture in a hard but the most unusual manner.  To gather information I contacted a lawyer and found out a tenant like me could still ask the police for a help with the excess noise.

To be continued.
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