The poor are not wanted -True horror stories in Paris Part 17

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man’.


I only know Australia and Japan’s legal system first hand, and they both have this one rescue plan for the victims (if their system has not changed) which is that losers of the lawsuit must pay for the legal fees incurred on both sides.  This is a friendly option for the poor because should a lawyer be convinced that the victim has a solid case, then the lawyer would defend the victim with a limited income and then later send the bill to the defendant who lost the lawsuit.  This makes predators think twice about messing with the weak.  However, in France, plaintiffs must pay for the legal fees, win or lose and the lawyers would not take on your case if you cannot pay a lump sum upfront.  They need to make living too, so no criticism. 

Of course, the legal fees in France are as expensive as in other countries, if not more.  This makes it too easy for the rich to tramp on the poor.  The poor cannot push the rich back.  This is why Mr. PRIDE could audaciously order me to make my life more miserable so he could make more money.  Even the Chinese who are money-orientated have warmer hearts than him.  You may be surprised that I, a Japanese, speak in favour of China, but the fact remains that China is the Father of Asia.  We were shocked when our Father was beaten down by the English and thus, did not care to go down the same path along.  However, there are China towns cherished by Japanese all over our small islands because we know that Chinese people do have hearts at the end of the day.  They may not reciprocate the feeling to the Japanese, but that is their choice.  The Chinese food tastes great all the same.

You may say, ‘but surely, the French must have some savings to pay for the legal fees?’  I thought so too until I found out how the salaries are paid in gross disproportion.  The band of middle-class income households is thinner than countries like Australia and Japan.  France is similar to the US in that the society is divided between The have and The have not, but the crucial difference is the medicare system.  The French government protects the health of the poor.  Basic food is fiscally supported because it is vital for maintaining good health.  But this still does not provide money for luxury, legal fees included. 
Mirror that reflects your soul
Thus in spite of the assertive image the French people have, in real life I find them to be patient.  Extremely patient, and resigned when need be.  They remind themselves that life is meaningless if one does not enjoy it.  They seek Joie de vivre in good home cooking using the quality ingredients from the market, and arts which are abundant in this city of light and culture. 

However, this peaceful boat is often rocked by some immigrants with money like Mr. PRIDE and the group of connections that support Mme. HEART.  To advance their financial interest, they take advantage of ordinary French, tourists, and immigrants with limited income.  Mr. PRIDE clearly expected me to fall in line…but I was from Japan, a nation of ‘nearly all-middle income class.’  The salaries there are not high, but every six months the profits of the company are shared among all the workers as Bonus pay-outs.  This ensures the undying loyalty of the workers to the company.  Things are different for the younger generations, but this is how it was in my days.  The Japanese live in modest-looking lodgings and do not look flash, but they can afford to save. 

I am not a rich person but had a saving that I had meant to spend on furnishing the apartment.  I made makeshift furniture out of cardboard boxes so that I could spend the money on legal fees.  So there I was, living in the center of Paris where tourists flocked but surrounded by cardboard boxes.  The floor is covered with insulation materials.  Oh, how chic.  This logically should not happen, but it is true.  Thus, my blog is unique among all the blogs on life in Paris.  The important thing was that Mr. PRIDE and Mme. HEART were going to receive a little prick from me, a forgettable and crushable bug, according to these two.