Friday, 21 July 2017

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 32

Absurd decisions are not always made by fools.  A reasonably sane person can be pushed into making one.  I did not jump right into employing a lawyer either.  Besides, Mme. Landlord did her best salvaging the unfair situation with a petition.  She hoped that it would prompt the other landlords, who do not reside in the building themselves, to get involved.  A couple of my neighbors signed the petition and Mme. Landlord entrusted me with the task of talking to girl tenants who had also been annoyed by the noise from the restaurant. ‘I wanted them to close that restaurant!’ she spattered.  I promised to return with Mme. Landlord’s signed petition. 

I was startled when I saw a male figure in the corridor near my door because I recognized the man to be a staff at the restaurant when I went to see Mme. Empathy.  To my surprise, he smiled and greeted me a musical ‘Bonjour.’  He was convinced of his charm and melting smile, except it froze me inside.  I saw his eyes were condescending, but at the same time with a purpose.  Instead of going back to my room to get the petition letter, I went pass by him to go out the building.  As I passed by the restaurant I spotted another figure inside: Mme. Empathy.  She had a half-smile as she looked at me.  Instinct told me that she may have sent the young man to me.    Did they think that I would accept the horrible condition they subjected me for a piece of flirtation?  What idiot would fall for that?  Impossible!

Not really.  When I later returned to the building, I saw the young man from the restaurant and one of the girl tenant getting cozy.  Or more precisely, the girl was giggling away, obviously smitten.  The affection, however, was not reciprocated judging from the coldness in the young man’s eyes, but he was indulging her.    

Needless to say, that I could not secure the signatures of any girl tenants for the petition against the restaurant.  I could not believe that those women could not see through the ploy of Mme. Empathy and her staff.  Never again shall I blame men for falling for honey pot traps. Women are no wiser.  

To be continued.
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