The law of jungle-True horror stories in the modern Paris Part 18

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man’.


You would think that you need to be a landlord to file a complaint against French restaurants, but to my surprise, tenants could also report noisy or smelly restaurants to the police, free of charge.  Did not Mr. PRIDE worry that I might do this?  No, because you have to communicate fully in French with the inspector and Mr. PRIDE knew I was just starting to learn French.  It would have been economical to hire an interpreter, but it was this French lawyer who informed me of this.  I did not want to be ungrateful, so I signed the contract with this French lawyer who was working for an Asian boss.   Under this circumstance, I expected my lawyer would not be too racist or at least knew enough to hide it.  That was enough in this real world. 

My lawyer sent the email to the police and I was hopeful for a moment, only to be cast down by his comment.  'It may be months before the police even reply.  This is Paris.  There are too many cheating restaurants and bars.'   He was not exaggerating.  While I was terrorized by the inhuman noise (so the police later acknowledged) it became my habit to observe apartments above restaurants in Paris.  Only a handful is occupied, but the rest seemed deserted… in the stark contrast to the restaurant below blasting music away.  My lawyer informed me that all restaurants must stop making noise after 22:30 in Paris.  Good ones, such as mentioned in Michelin do abide by it, but not the sad ones whose food alone is not enough to draw in any gourmet Parisians.  Thus they break the regulations and play music loud till late hoping that the police do not come around to catch them.  This is one sign for you to look out for if you wish to avoid being conned next time you are in Paris to dine. 

Needless to say, the restaurant from Hell below was one of those sad ones.  Mme. HEART skimped and did not hire a chef who had worked in a restaurant, but a cook of a minor takeaway stand.  The restaurant was sparsely occupied.  So, in order to give the impression of ‘Happening place’ Mme. HEART opted to play music loud till late.  More nuisance was added to the turbo vibration that shook my apartment and the kitchen noises (uninsulated).  My health was eroded day by day.  I was at an utter disadvantage while Mr. PRIDE slept well every night, much pleased with the profit he was making.  He did not care that I suffered which he made clear abundantly.  

Mirror that reflects your soul

My judgment was fragile when another plan was suggested by Mme. HARMONY.  My lawyer needed to know more about the situation of the building and Mme. HARMONY had the information.  So I invited her to a meeting with my lawyer.  She talked for over two hours which was costing me as a lawyer’s time is never free, but she was worth it.  She had been fighting Mr. PRIDE alone and I was too happy to provide professional help to ease her burden.  She had a plan to which she could not get any other landlords in the building to participate, but now she had the listening ears. 

There is another regulation Mme. HEART was going to breach as I described in The true horror stories in the modern Paris Part 11, which was to fulfill all the promises she had made to the authority BASU regarding minimization of the annoyance to the neighbors.  If this was not met and if anyone complained to the authority within two months of the opening of the restaurant, their license may be revoked.

> The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 11

Well…I know firsthand Mme. HEART had not done anything right, but to inform the authority I had to launch a lawsuit.  I was prepared to pay legal fees to suppress the noise, but to rob him of the permit?  Not really.  A quiet decent restaurant would be enough.  But Mme. HARMONY egged me on. 

‘The restaurant will create more problems.  Thus it is better for you and everyone in the building that Mr. PRIDE loses his license.’ 

Yet those same ‘everyone in the building’ did not want to spend a cent themselves.  Why on earth should I have to pay for all the legal fees to drive out Mr. PRIDE?  On my way home I contemplated staying somewhere else until the police came for inspection.  When I reached home I heard a shrill drilling noise coming from the restaurant.  I couldn’t help but sigh that Mme. HEART was installing more machines.   

And then…it happened.  A new strong mechanical noise was vibrating up into my apartment.  I bolted out of my apartment to the street.  I looked at the restaurant from across the street and saw through their glass wall a huge commercial refrigerator.  Mme. HEART did not wait till the end of the two months trial period after all.  Mme. HARMONY was right.  There was no end to Mme. HEART’s cheating and Mr. PRIDE would approve of it.  Those two bullies drove me towards lawsuits.  There was still a month before the two months period was over.  All right, I will do it.  My lawyer was to send out the legal document in the coming week.