The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 33

Without women tenants’ participation, I had to make a case for the nuisance of the restaurant by myself.  Mme. Landlord could not help me with this because she did not reside in the building herself.  For my complaint to be accepted by the police I had to live in inhabitable apartments to record all the activities by the restaurant that were making it inhabitable.  It should not have to be this hard, but I moved into my kitchen aka my living room and bedroom for some times to come.   The smug laughter of the restaurant staff was heard too that I quickly pushed earplugs into my ears.  However, the noise pierced even those earplugs that I dreaded the long hours of ventilation hell from the restaurant below.  According to Mme. Empathy and her staff, I should just parish.

However, before long Mme. Empathy’s the restaurant started to go quiet during the dinner hours.  Mme. Empathy’s reputation had preceded her that no respectable locals would dine there.  Winter was coming and terror attacks in Paris had stopped the flow of tourists.  The empty looking restaurant suffered a stark contrast with the other restaurants nearby that were filled with the locals and the ex-pats.  Mme. Empathy had designed it so that there would be a lot of dining seats, which left very little space for the kitchen.  The crammed kitchen must have inconvenienced the chefs.  Those sparsely occupied seats in a large dining area enhanced the emptiness of the restaurant.  All this was visible from the street.    ‘A good restaurant would pick up after a few weeks in Paris,’ said Mme. Landlord.  The restaurant was not an instant success.

However, some food critic wrote a glowing review on the restaurant.  This was the same writer who had praised Mme. Empathy’s previous restaurant that closed in red figures.  I do not intend to discredit the review and the writer who was probably served a special dinner made with better ingredients than the meals Mme. Empathy would normally serve the ordinary clients.  However, this is one good example that Michelin Guide is still the one to be trusted, despite all the criticism.  The Michelin agents dine ‘incognito’ leaving no room for special treatments by the restaurant.  I imagine the Michelin agents would refrain from taking photos of the food while the food bloggers would snap away, a tell-tell sign to alert the restaurants’ people.  The worst case is the critics being chummy with the managers.

Mme. Empathy was going to break more rules and morals.  To be continued.