Saturday, 8 July 2017

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 30

‘Incroyable!’ (unbelievable), she repeated over and over as Mme. Landlord read the copy of the restaurant authorization granted to our infamous Mme. Empathy at the office of PASU. 

We had expected lies about the insufficient insulation in her kitchen, but Mme. Empathy had falsely reported to the authority about the lack of consent of the other landlords on many other issues.  For this she did not act alone.  Her landlord, Mr. Pride had betrayed the trust of the other landlords of the building.  In order to protect the quality of the living condition of their homes, the other landlords stipulated a list of conditions to Mr. Pride.  One of them was a partial installation of a glass roof.  The other landlords had voted to reject this request fearing that it would transmit noise and flickering light at night to the apartments nearby.  Mr. Pride blatantly ignored this decision and wrote to the authority PASU that the other landlords had unanimously agreed to his request.  As the result, PASU granted the permission for its installation.

Mme. Landlord left to inform this discovery to the Board/le Syndic.  I went home which was more like an inferno without flame.  My heart sped up as I entered my apartment.  I ran into the kitchen, a tiny sanctuary from the blowing force.  The ear plugs I had purchased could not block out all the noise and the vibration travelled through the air and the floor pressuring my lungs and my neck.  I should have been angry at Mr. Pride and Mme. Empathy who had no problems putting other human beings through this.  However, I also learnt that they did not even remember me and would never bother themselves with the thought.  The true evil has no malice which is still essentially a human emotion.  Therefore, without malice Mme. Empathy genuinely believed her to be a lovely person and whoever got in her was the nasty vermin.  As for Mr. Pride, winning was everything.  Again I felt no malice from him because to him I was not worth acknowledging its existence.  Therefore, I saw no points in becoming enraged at the perpetrators.

My strange lack of anger helped me assess the situation with a cool head.  I would have to stay away from this place until the restaurant kitchen closed.  Of course, I would still be exposed to their electric appliances piercing through their non-insulated ceiling and onto my floor throughout every night so an extra mattress would have to be purchased.  The Syndic would surely help by righting the wrong.

I was still naïve and new to the French society.  To be continued.
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