Honey trap in the true horror stories in the modern Paris Part 20

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man.'


The day started rather pleasant for Mme. HEART.  The all-night party she held last week was a success.  She had invited several candidates to whom she could sell her restaurant.  They were duly impressed by the vibrant crowd.  Mme. HEART herself was a party girl and she knew many likes of her who would not turn down a free party.  Of course, those candidates must believe that they were all regulars of her restaurant.  Mme. HEART targeted well by choosing newbies to the restaurant business. 

And today she was giving an interview to this young handsome chef to replace the Asian chef.  She was also hiring a good-looking waitress.  Mme. HEART knew that something sold better than food.  She was rather pleased with herself when the phone rang.  It was her brother Mr. SINCERE who was also her partner in the restaurant.  Mr. PRIDE was the landlord who lent the place while Mr. SINCERE was the owner of the restaurant license…which both Mme. HEART and Mr. SINCERE thought it had been confirmed after two months since the opening.  Not so.  Mr. SINCERE was furious.

‘Who the hell is this woman with a weird name who filed a lawsuit on the ground that we did not comply with the regulation of BASU?’ 

Mme. HEART struggled to answer.  She remembered that damn Mme. HARMONY, her nemesis, coming to the restaurant with an Asian woman, but her face was blurry.  Mme. HEART had completely forgotten about me.  I was not there to see it, but later she glared at me as if I was the abusive one, and she was the injured party.  Mme HEART must have quickly consulted Mr. PRIDE for he contacted Mme. HARMONY to request her help.  He pretended not to know about my lawsuit but explained to Mme. HARMONY that the extractor of his ventilation is leaking water that he needed to fix it.  'Can Mme. HARMONY tell that Asian woman to give access to his tradesmen?'

Both Mme. HARMONY and I saw through his lies.  The focus of my lawsuit will be his extractor illegally attached to the next-door neighbor’s wall and yet he had lied to BASU that the extractor was attached with everyone’s permission.  Therefore, having it relocated onto the wall near my window was crucial for Mr. PRIDE.  Without it, Mme. HEART and Mr. SINCERE would not be able to operate their restaurant.  They would have the right to sue Mr. PRIDE for not having provided a fully equipped venue.  He was desperate enough to make a shonky excuse to access his extractor, but I replied ‘Not until he has at least installed a proper hood over his ventilator.’  Of course, Mr. PRIDE would not let a bug from Asia dictate him.  However, Mme. HEART had another plan. 

Mirror that reflects your soul

I was startled when I saw a male figure in the corridor near my door.  He was the new chef.  To my surprise, he smiled and greeted me with a musical ‘Bonjour.’  He was convinced of his charm and melting smile, except it froze me cold inside.  I saw his eyes were condescending, but at the same time with a purpose.  I quickly went past him to go out of the building.  I felt someone else was watching me from inside the restaurant.  Mme. HEART.  She had a half-smile as she looked at me.  Instinct told me that she may have sent the young man to me.   Did they think that I would accept the horrible condition they subjected me...for a piece of flirtation?  What idiot would fall for that?  Impossible! 

So... Mme. HEART turned to another possible access, the window across mine.  The landlord of that apartment was angry that their tenants suffered from the noise from the restaurant seating areas.  Naturally, access was denied, but ever so agile Mme. HEART saw that the tenant was a young woman.  I shall call her CHARITY.  She once told me ‘I wanted them to close that restaurant!’   Therefore, there was little chance CHARITY would cooperate with the restaurant. 

Well…when I later returned to the building, I saw the young chef and CHARITY were getting cozy.  Or more precisely, CHARITY was giggling away, obviously smitten.  Whatever happened to her previous anger against the noisy restaurant? Her new affection, however, was not reciprocated judging from the coldness in the young man’s eyes, but he was indulging her.    I could hear CHARITY promising access via her windows!  

I had blamed men for falling for honey pot traps, but women were no wiser.