Non-white racists in the true horror stories in Paris Part 21

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man.

Episode 21

CHARITY and I used to exchange pleasant greetings and I thought she was a beautiful-looking woman.  However, she changed after the handsome chef approached her.  CHARITY started hanging around in the restaurant looking expectantly.  I tried to speak to her, but she suddenly started acting aloof with me.  Oh, lord…CHARITY was that sort of woman…Dating a white man makes some dark-skinned women feel superior over Asian women.  In her mind, she had moved up in society and Asians were not worthy of her new status.  CHARITY was not going to listen to me.  So her landlord had to be contacted by Mme. HARMONY.  The landlord strongly prohibited CHARITY to give access to the restaurant or else she would be kicked out of the apartment.  

In the eyes of the handsome chef, CHARITY had lost her use.  Mme. HEART would have gotten sick of serving free drinks to this stalking woman.  Harsh words may have been exchanged, I don’t know.  The restaurant kept playing music loud but more so on CHARITY's side of the building.  A few months later she moved out, but she would not want my sympathy as she was precious Lady Charity, wasn't she?  The racist tag Karen should not be labeled just on white women because CHARITY was not the only example of this case.  Asians living outside Asia would know that.

The lawsuits in France progress is exceedingly slow.  It takes several months for the lawyers from both sides to meet, only to decide on the next date, etc.  Therefore, Mr. PRIDE and Mme. HEART were not in hurry to mitigate my suffering.  They knew that their ventilator, regardless of the location of its extractor, could still damage me.  They would have liked me to shrivel up like a dead insect and disappear and sure enough, one morning I woke up with an unnatural shiver.  

The temperature was not low therefore I was not shivering from chillness.  In hindsight, I was suffering the initial symptom of excess exposure to electromagnetic waves.  BASU the authority prohibits the restaurants located inside the residential buildings from installing large commercial freezers/fridges because of the electromagnetic health hazard, leading to cancer.  Mr. PRIDE and Mme. HEART (I should add Mr. SINCERE) of course chose to lie to the authority on it.  The large appliances were installed days before the two-month expiry date.  Thus I was being exposed to two cancer-causing hazards: low-frequency noise from the bare ventilator on their ceiling and electromagnetic from their illegally large electric appliances.  

You would wonder why I was still staying in my apartment after I submitted the record of the noise.  Of course, I would have loved to stay in a hotel, but I had requested an inspection by the police, which could happen any time.  I had to stay and wait for them.  Good thing I did because the police finally rang me.  It was to be carried out the following night.  For the first time in a long while, I felt hopeful and my appetite returned.  I went out to buy some cheese but Mme. HEART was watching me.  I tried my best to conceal my joy so as not to raise her suspicion.  Was it coincident that she chose not to stay in the restaurant the following night? 

Mirror that reflects your soul

The officer came finally!  I shall refer to him simply as Officer Raphael, (though not his real name to protect his identity) because the readers of my blog would know that I name the unpleasant characters with virtue they do not possess.  Like Mme. HEART who has no sympathetic heart.  Mr. SINCERE who appears more often in my later episodes will show that he possesses not a single sincere bone.  So, back to officer Raphael.  He measured the noise and shook his head in disapproval.  It was way beyond the acceptable level.  He noticed my cardboard bed in the small kitchen and gave me a look of sympathy.  I was too stoked to shed tears.  I froze with relief and gratitude. 

Officer Raphael had come with another police Officer B who was instructed to go down to the restaurant kitchen to check the ventilator.  My window was opened so I could hear the new chef and a waitress girl begging to stop.  They did not stop their abuse when I asked them, did they?  Officer B halted the ventilator so that Officer Raphael could measure my place without noise to compare the difference.  Then Officer B told the chef to put on the ventilator.  The sneaky bastard set it on a lower level than usual.  Officer B was not duped and told him to set it at the maximum.  To my ears, it still lacked one layer of noise (which I only later discovered its source) but it was loud enough for Officer Raphael. 

A week later the report from the police ordering the restaurant to reduce the noise reached Mr. SINCERE and Mme. HEART.  It should have been the end of my misery, but I did not name it restaurant from Hell for nothing.