Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 38

Mr. Pride was preparing for a party Mme. Empathy was hosting at the restaurant.  It had already been opened two months and things were going swell, or so he was told.  The truth was that the restaurant had been hardly occupied.  Having failed to attract serious diners, Mme. Empathy opted to go party venue serving booze at a rip-off price.  It started to attract a wrong kind of clients whose focus was not on food, which was far from a Michelin starred restaurant that Mr. Pride dreamt of.  

However, Mr. Pride was happy that two months milestone had been reached tonight.  As he had foreseen Mme. Landlord failed to stop the count-down by notifying the authority.  She would have needed the consent of the rest of the landlords, but he was one of the bigger shareholders.  ‘Why can’t that woman do as I wish?  He recalled the last telephone conversation he had with Mme. Landlord.  His tradesmen needed to access her apartment to install a glass roof over his restaurant.  Mme. Landlord repeatedly told him how much her tenant was suffering because of the restaurant’s unlawful infrastructure.  It all fell on his deaf ears because he simply reiterated ‘Tell that Asian what’s-her name to cooperate.  I want my glass roof installed.’

That morning I woke up wish unnatural shiver.  The temperature was not low therefore I was not shivering from chillness.  In hindsight, I was suffering the initial symptom which resulted from the excess exposure to electromagnetic waves.  PASU the authority prohibits the restaurants located inside the residential buildings from installing a large commercial freezer/fridge because of the electromagnetic health hazard, leading to cancer.  Mr. Pride and Mme. Empathy of course chose to lie to the authority about it.  The large appliance was installed days before the two month expiry date.  Now I was being exposed to two cancer causing hazards: low frequency noise from the bare extractor over their cooking stove and electromagnetic from their illegally large electric appliances.  You would think that Mr. Pride and Mme. Empathy could not have harmed me more. 

But it happened.  The first blast of music and disco beats that rippled through the walls of the old medieval buildings.  It used up so much electricity that the light on the stair hall went out and one of my power point was burnt.  Ear plugs, ear muffs, nothing helped.  I crawled to the corner of the kitchen, but the beats kept attacking me.  I could hear the guests downstairs cheer repeatedly not knowing of my predicament.  Joining them was a Mme. Empathy who was on the top of the world.  It went on until 03:00 am or longer I would not know because I passed out.  My mind was diminishing but I was remembering the news I had received from my lawyer that they had finally collected the mountain of documents required and that the tribunal accepted my lawsuit two days ago.  Just two days before the expiry date when this restaurant from hell would have become legitimate for good.

To be continued.
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