Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 42

I normally update weekly, but I felt the need to explain the title.  You would not consider a group of unethical restaurant team ‘Goliath’, but the protector behind them really is a Goliath.  He is a public figure in Paris whose photo you can see on a few sites.  What gets to me is that he bills himself as ‘a protector of the weak and the minority.’  However, his favorite, Mme. Empathy has been causing hazard in Paris.  She was sued by all the neighbours of her last restaurant for being disrespectful of the well-being of her neighbours.  And yet, this Goliath, or should I name him Mr. Honour, has allowed Mme. Empathy to start restaurants again and again. 

I remember one night when the music in the restaurant was not on.  I saw a man who conducted himself as ‘an important man’ dine at the restaurant with Mme. Empathy serving him herself.  This is why I recognized the man in the photo.  Mr. Honour sure knows about my dire circumstances and yet he would step into repeatedly to sabotage my moves.  Well, if he does not care for the well-being of Asians, fine.  Then he should not go around making speeches encouraging Asians to visit Paris to drop their money.  Mr. Honour should not pose as a protector of the weak when he has sabotaged the 2 years-plea of Mme. Landlord for intervention of the authority.  She is a fragile old French lady suffering from cancer, for God’s sake.

The only branch that is yet to be corrupted by favoritism or in French 'Piston' is the French judicial system, thank God.   However, their procedures take the looooongest.  To be continued.
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