The true horror stories in modern Paris part 41

Mme. Empathy was furious when the police ordered her to insulate her ventilator because it she did not want to invest much into her business.  She was never into running a good restaurant.  There is a record of her summon to the court following a big petition signed by her former neighbors whose lives had been wrecked by her irresponsible management of her last restaurant. But it did not hurt her one bit because in Paris you can always sell the restaurant permit and make a huge profit.  Therefore, it was essential for Mme. Empathy to invest as little as possible.  One of it was installing a cooking ventilator without insulating hood (which you would find in any normal restaurant kitchen).  It damaged my health, but what did she care?  Mme. Empathy was counting the huge profit she would make by selling the permit to a sucker.  Sure her reputation follows her everywhere, but she just needs to apply under someone elses name and partners in crimes she has no shortage of.


Mme. Empathy opted to delaying tactics while wearing me down.  This really hurt.  One of my eyes was twitching and I had lost the sense of the tip of my tongue.  Mr. Pride knew about my suffering but he could not care less.  That I was not meekly bowing to his demands was far more unacceptable.  The team Restaurant from Hell decided to up their game.  

Then appeared this man in our courtyard.  I still remember that day in March when Mme. Landlord asked who he was.  He came to replace the previous chef (who had quitted claiming that Mme. Empathy was a snake).  He smiled sincerely at both of us, promising to make things better for me.  Instinct told me to fear him but I was so worn down that I wished to believe this man whom I shall refer to as Mr. Sincere.  

To be continued.