Devil bites after the dance-The true horror stories in Paris part 26

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man’.


The news angered Mme. HARMONY naturally and she complained to Mr. PRIDE.  Of course, he dismissed her claims and dared her to report the burglary to the police.  He knew there were too many burglaries in Paris that Parisians are resigned that the culprits would never be caught.  Insurance companies are the only ones to salvage the situation.  I recommend you going with big companies because the small one with lower fees did not help me at all when I fell victim to the infamous Locksmith of Paris.  Here is the details.

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 7

I understand that my former insurance company could not reimburse me all the damage, but surely they could have reimbursed me what I would have paid for a legitimate locksmith job.  But no, the small insurance company recommended by my former real estate agent cowardly cut me off.  But this time around, I was with Allianz who sent me their locksmith to replace the broken lock with a new one.  This Germany based company looked after me well. 

Mme. HARMONY’s tenants did not see the point in reporting the burglary to the police despite the circumstance pointed towards the chef.  He knew my apartment was vacant while I was in Japan and the storage room where Mme. HARMONY’s tenant stored his things was right next to the restaurant’s basement.  I googled his real name and discovered his past frauds and the persecution launched by his victims.  There were several articles on his frauds that his son, the little cute boy he regularly brought to the restaurant, would surely read them one day.  Would the chef lie to his son too? 

I would refrain from raising a child with such a dirty money lest it stains the pure future ahead of the child, but that is my Samurai philosophy.  Perhaps the philosophy of this chef and the locksmith of Paris is about passing down their traditional way of living which serve them well in the moment.  I remember ‘the locksmith of Paris’ came with his younger brother who admired his older brother in the criminal act.  The younger brother was even happy with a smile.  Not a hint of shame or doubt which should have been there on his mind.  Maybe the true horror of the underbelly is that if you were born into it, your future is locked inside the dark world.

The chef may have been motivated to steal whatever he could get his hands on after he was fired by Mme. HEART.  His criminal persecutions would not have worried the queen of cheating, but the chef had failed on getting rid of me permanently.  His failure seemed to have led to the near causality of his work mate that the restaurant faced a long time closure if Mr. PRIDE did not fix the problems.  The earth pole was set up in his kitchen basement and the ventilator was reinstalled with a hood finally. 

But…Mr. PRIDE was always going to be Mr. PRIDE.  He did not insulate his kitchen ceiling to suppress the noise of the tall commercial refrigerators and big freezers.  His reason was that it had not been included in the noise report by the inspector RAPHAEL because the louder noise from the ventilator exceeded all other noises and the inspector could not record all the noise.

This meant I would continue to be exposed to the mechanical noise during the night, so Mme. HARMONY told me not to drop my lawsuit that accused the restaurant from Hell of their wrongdoings.  My French lawyer was concerned for my welfare because this would anger the restaurant, but his Asian boss was not.  His advice was not going to serve me well, but the boss still got to bill me.  In retrospect he shared one thing with Mme. HEART who took advantage of the young. 

Mirror that reflects your soul

Shortly, I saw a young waitress come out of the restaurant visibly upset.  She must have been fired when a pay rise was due.  To Mme. HEART, they are replaceable.  Waitress/waiters on the trial period are the best of the kind because they are eager to please.  Mme. HEART raised one corner of her mouth and ‘Who did that waitress think she was to criticize me when she had willingly participated in my scheme?’  The waitress flirted with a male tenant living above the seating area of the restaurant so he would not call the police to complain about the loud music of the restaurant.  The male tenant seemed fond of her so it must have hurt when he saw her kissing her lover when the time came to brush off the besotted tenant.  

Mme. HEART had made the young waiter feel special and worthy of tramping others.  Malice maybe be bad but cooler for it.  How becoming to Paris, the city of decadence for the chosen few…only until you become the receiving end of pain and realize that you were never the chosen few with money after all.  Youth is the most wonderful but abused currency.