Saturday, 21 October 2017

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 45

A week later, Mme. Empathy was in a foul mood.  ‘That Japanese imp called the police for 5 nights straight!  I thought she didn’t speak French!’  It was so embarrassing seeing those policemen calling the party off in her restaurant.  Most clients blamed the caller, but there were some who complained that they did not get their money worth.  They would not return and that hurt.  It was easy to fool young policemen with her smile.  ‘But officers, we are in the process of resolving the problem.  Please, give us time.’  Of course, she had no intention to spend a centime to solve the problem, but with her victim act she managed to send policemen away. 

However, there was this older major who was not fooled.  He had been moved by the tone of this Japanese caller, so desperate and vulnerable.  The situation had to be dire if someone with such a limited French would have to call every night.  He did a research and soon discovered that Mme. Empathy had been sentenced to pay the fine for her irresponsible management of another restaurant.  The major may have taken it as a mockery to the authority of the French police that Mme. Empathy would again open another restaurant just 2 minutes away.  She had nothing to fear because she was protected by Mr. Honour, the man who vows to fight against discrimination but is not above PISTON or nepotism.

After the policemen broke up another party, Mme. Empathy was defiant.  She told the guests that the party would go on and turned on the music again.  She smirked imagining the Japanese bug, distressed at the prospect of another long sleepless night.  That bug needs to be taught not to mess with the grand dame that was Mme. Empathy.   However…

‘Madame!’  The policemen barked as they returned 10 minutes later because they had not yet returned to the station.  Mme. Empathy could not believe that I called the police twice in the same night.

The French neighbors had not called the police because they believed that the restaurant would not last long, but also the French tend to leave the dirty work to the others.  But I am a Japanese woman who was raised to be the rock behind her men.  Submissive, but diligent, meticulous and finally, patient.

To be continued.

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