The true horror stories in modern Paris part 42

I recognized Mr. Sincere as the man I had seen wandering into the residential area of the building for the last couple of days.  There was a regulation that forbids people from the commercial area from wondering into the private residential area.  Not only Mme. Empathy did not discipline her staff, she was the one who regularly opened the door.  This annoyed my Mme. Landlord because she was respective of rules and courtesy.  She asked Mr. Pride to admonish his tenant Mme. Empathy, but of course, he ignored Mme. Landlord consistently.  The Syndic and Mme. Landlord instructed me to take photos of the restaurant staffs illegally entering the private area, which I hated to do.  I was worn down by the noise and compared to my suffering, it seemed such a trivial issue.  However, Mme. Landlord was my friend so I took some photos, but I did not send the ones that pictured Mr. Sincere.

Don’t get me wrong.  I did not fall for his charm.  I was hoping against hope that he may be the one who would finally do the right thing by me in relation to the noise issue.  Therefore, I did not wish to antagonize him by turning him in.  But what I did not know back then was that Mme. Landlord’s storage area had been broken in and her son’s computer related goods were stolen.  Mme. Landlord was furious because she shared her storage area with Mr. Pride and the restaurant.

Mr. Sincere initiated some work which removed the strong vibration which used to push me back to the other wall.  (Such was a hell Mr Pride had exposed me to and he simply shrug his shoulder.)  But the noise remained loud so when Mr. Sincere wished to check the situation in my room, I let him in to hear it.  He looked around my studio and spotted a tiny bedding in my kitchen.  He shook his head in sympathy, or so it seemed.   In hindsight, his eyes remained cold.

A couple of days later I heard the drilling noise followed by metal cutting noise coming from where else?  The restaurant from Hell.  It sounded eerie for some reasons, but I suppressed my natural instinct and tried to believe in Mr. Sincere.  I went to sleep inside the kitchen, my sole sanctuary in Paris,

It was about 02:00 am.  I woke up from a strong heartbeat.  It would not stop beating faster.  I heard a buzzing beam and realized that all the electric appliances in my studio was reacting to something.  Strong nausea came over me as my mobile phone emitted buzzing noise as if it was electrified.  Yes!  Some kind of electricity was leaking into my sanctuary.  I felt stinging sensation all over my face and a throbbing headache.  I tried to escape but my entire studio was flooded with something that everywhere I touched I felt the stinging electricity.  My body would not move well from fever, but I knew if I did not get out the apartment right away I may not live to see another day.

To be continued.
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