Sunday, 29 October 2017

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 46

I was told that in Paris if a restaurant got caught more than 3 times for breaking the regulations of public health the authority would suspend the restaurant for one month.  Well, the police had already caught Mme. Empathy 5 times ignoring one regulations that the health of the public must be protected by ceasing to emit noise after 22:30.  However, the restaurant from Hell was still open.  The police would have reported her case to the authority, but oddly the report was being ignored.  This was the period when I saw a man with the air of self-assurance dining at the restaurant and Mme. Empathy was serving him herself.  In hindsight, he may have been Mr. Honour, or someone with a remarkable resemblance.

Therefore, I was not totally surprised when my lawyer delivered a daunting news that my lawsuit was not progressing due to the lack of response from Mme. Empathy’s side.  Normally the first trial would happen within 3 months of the date it was launched.  My ordeal should have been over, but the restaurant from Hell opted to wear me down over a long period of time with their unlawful noise and vibration and music.  My lawyer could not help me.  Besides he had more important clients to attend to.  So I had to battle alone in Paris where one has to fight for one's right.

I prepared myself for a long siege.  First I would not stay in my apartment all day to be exposed to their onslaught.  Paris had many wonderful libraries with WIFI to do my translation work.  I would return home at 22:00, make a phone call to the police as a part of my daily routine.  My kitchen had been fortified with insulation materials, my dear mini dungeon.  Lucky that I was a Japanese for we are used to small limited space.

But most important of all, I must not be angry.  No.  That would not be wise thing to do in a long term siege.  I knew I was being dealt an unfair card, but being angry would deprive me of energy which I would need to sustain the long battle.  Durability was my only weapon which had any hope of piercing one weakness the Goliath had.  The people in power have no patience.  They may have had at some point to get there, but the success would have robbed them off this virtue.  Things must fall their ways immediately, or they would lose their cool.

By now the police remembered me and would send their men out instantly to the restaurant.  It is amazing how a human can adapt him or herself even in the hell on earth.    Then one day, I looked towards my window and saw Mme. Empathy standing there.

To be continued.
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