Saturday, 11 November 2017

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 48

Those who read my last blog would have seen a rough dessin of the buildings.  You might remember that there was another window across from mine.  It was owned by an Italian gentleman who had opposed the installation of the glass roof which would have transmitted more noise.  He naturally refused to give Mme. Empathy the access to install the glass roof through his windows and he instructed his tenants not to either.

However, Mme. Empathy noticed the current tenant of the Italian gentleman was a young man, half French, half American.  ‘Oh, this should be a breeze.’  She turned to a beautiful French girl whom she had recently hired.  I shall call her Natalie.  Mme. Empathy whispered into Natalie’s ear wearing a mischievous smile.  The young girl was thrilled to sink that miserable Japanese woman down further into the mud.  Not that I had done Natalie anything to deserve this.  She was simply excited by an evil joy of manipulating someone else’s life. 

Now I mentioned the young man was half American not just because they are susceptible to French minx, but American men have that desire to be a hero, a virtue which Natalie made a good use of.  Later I learnt from this young man that she had visited him frequently and he felt obliged to help her.  He looked at me as if I was the predator obstructing the path of an honest restaurant.  ‘They have toned down on their music lately.  They deserved a chance.’  Now, the restaurant had toned down on the music thanks to my routine calls to the police.  But looking into his love-struck eyes, I said no more.  Thus it came to him breaking his promise to the landlord, the Italian gentleman.  The shining knight gave the restaurant the access from his window to install a glass roof.

But I did not know this when Mme. Empathy glared through my window.
To be continued.
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