Saturday, 18 November 2017

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 49

I froze at the sight of she-devil. Then I noticed a man with her. He looked like a tradesman. I sensed that he had come to measure the opening on their roof. She smiled mockingly at me and started giving instructions to the man. Sense of helpless defeat came over me as I watched Natalie prancing around the apartment of the Italian gentleman without his permission. I looked around the old walls which was once a church. I am not a Catholic, but still I respect the history those walls have witnessed. It seemed sacrilegious that Mr. Pride would allow Mme. Empathy to gouge this once house of prayer. I quietly apologized for being powerless to stop those people. Oddly I felt better, but it must have been my wishful thinking…or was it?

The following morning, I saw the entire street was closed off for a complete overhaul of electricity cables. No trucks would be able to drive into this narrow street. The truck that would have been loaded with Mme. Empathy’s gigantic glass roof could not drive into the street either. Seeing that it gave same time to my dear Mme. Landlord and I, we opted to contact the Italian gentleman. Mme. Landlord had not been able to communicate with him because he could not speak French well. However, he spoke English and this is where I came in. Thank you, Australia, for having taught me English. I am in debt to this large island nation more than I had ever realized. My voice shook while addressing the man I had never met, but the Italian gentleman was understanding.

Within two days the tenants were warned never to allow Mme. Empathy’s people pass through the Italian Gentleman’s apartment or he would kick them out. Mme. Empathy’s plan was foiled. Not only that, the overhaul work in the street would continue for a month and half, digging, drilling, blasting stone road from morning to evenings, driving any potential clients from Mrs. Empathy’s restaurant. Who would want to have lunch at the work sight? Though I was being driven out by the restaurant’s kitchen noise anyway, I was still glad that I could escape the even more hellish noise while the restaurant’s staffs and the chef could not go anywhere.
KARMA, my lawyer commented. To be continued. にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語の日記(英語のみ)へ

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