3 types of evil in the true horror stories in Paris part 32

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man.'


It seems that there are three types of evils in the world: the first ones are the predators.  Goliath-type predators stand before you like a wall, so there is a chance you can spot them from a distance and run the other way.  The man whose name we must not mention was this type.  the second ones are the sycophants who support and empower the predators.  They normally hide behind the powerful but would come out to stomp on the weak.  The silver lining is they do not hang out for long as they essentially despise the poor and the useless.  The readers must already have them in your lives that I do not need to name examples.

So here come the third ones…the hyenas.   In the trail left behind by the predators and their entourage, there lay their victims.  Weaken and helpless, desperate for a tiny hint of kindness.  Those trodden victims may not count for much, but most likely the easiest to exploit.  The third type of evil is not that easy to shake off because those hyenas are after small gains that even the weak victims can give if you press their wounds hard enough.    It took me months to realize that I was standing next to one.  It was Mme. HARMONY

In hindsight, there had been many clues, but you do not want to admit that you have misjudged your friends.  Your sense of loyalty forbids you to even suspect them and those hyenas are gifted in appealing to your noble streak by throwing in noble statements here and there.  However, their actions betray their words, if you allow yourself to scrutinize them.  And I first questioned Mme. HARMONY’s integrity when I witnessed the way she treated her gay tenant JUPITER.   He was the kind tenant who did not mind me sitting out on the stairs when my apartment had become a death trap, electricity overflowing from the restaurant kitchen below in episode 36.

The true horror stories in modern Paris Part 27

Mme. HARMONY was of the generation still unaccepting of love between two souls unrestricted by physical gender.  And yet, she outwardly behaved tolerant of the gay movement and rent one of her apartments to JUPITER.  He responded to the kindness of Mme. HARMONY by regularly giving her advice on IT technology or any issues that were too modern for this old lady.  Trust between the two deepened to the extent that Mme. HARMONY suggested to Jupiter to renovate the kitchen to his taste.  Jupiter was tempted because her kitchen was old and outdated.  However, it would cost him a lot of money to renovate.   He hesitated.

Then Mme. HARMONY confided in him that she was thinking of selling her apartment.  She needed to concentrate on her cancer treatment for the time being, but someday…  ‘Would you be interested in buying my apartment?’ she asked Jupiter.   Yes, he was because the location was perfect.  Mme. HARMONY smiled and assured him that he would be the first to know when she was ready to sell.  Thus, Jupiter decided to invest his money into updating the kitchen, style-wise, and appliances-wise.  He was made to believe Mme. HARMONY would offer the apartment at a fair price minus the renovation expenses. 

A month later, the kitchen looked brand new.  It was about this time I first spoke to Jupiter.  He was ready to buy the apartment.  However, Mme. HARMONY told him that if he offered the same price as the top bidder, Jupiter would have the priority.  What?  So, there was a chance his investment in renovating her kitchen would end up being wasted if someone with more money appeared?  Jupiter reminded her that it was not their arrangement, but Mme. HARMONY insisted otherwise.  ???   Jupiter bitterly accepted that it may be her age that was messing with her memory.  She still was still a nice lady on the inside, right?  He would still have two more years left in the contract to enjoy his new kitchen which he would have to leave behind most of it. 

Mirror that reflects your soul

However, a few months later, Mme. HARMONY told Jupiter to leave as she was selling her apartment for her family…or whatever.   Jupiter asked to be reimbursed for the kitchen renovation cost, but NO.  Mme. HARMONY coyly smiled and said she was actually doing him a favour because he was bound by the contract to return her apartment to the original state, before the renovation.  She would not be so heartless as to demand Jupiter to rip out the new kitchen counters and the new appliances.   However, her eyes turned cold and she added.  'I found many other problems with the apartment you must fix.  I will send my tradesmen and send the bills to you.' 

Jupiter found out the hard way that Mme. HARMONY changed her story pretending to be senile.   Reverse-ageism attacked Jupiter and later me.  Mme. HARMONY was no better than Mme. HEART.  They both took advantage of young Parisians.  Oh, yes, of immigrants too.