Friday, 2 February 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 60

Mr. Pride has hereto ignored everyone refusing to hold a decent communication through the proper channel.  However, he cannot afford to do the same with the authority that had the power to shut down his business.  The part of the authority which even Mr. Honour had no power over was demanding Mr. Pride to remove his unauthorized machine on the roof, but without it his restaurant cannot operate.  Mr. Pride could apply for a permission, but the permission required that the consent of the Syndic and the other landlords, the very people Mr. Pride had been ignoring.  He had already tried boxing Mme. Landlord into accepting his business which she resisted despite her weak condition.  

He could not care less about my well-being, but he could see that there may be some bleeding heart who may care for this disposable Asian woman.  The reader of my blog may ask how would I know if he thought like that.  I do because he wrote in his letter to the Syndic that he had spent money fixing the noise problem of the restaurant. ‘ The woman who is still complaining (he meant me) about the noise is pretending to be a victim.  She should come back from wherever it is she is hiding so that the landlords of the building can make a sensible decision about accepting his restaurant business.’  If the noise problem had been solved why would I waste my money paying two rents?

To be continued.

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