Saturday, 10 February 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 61

Mr. Pride demanded (he never asks, he commands) that the next general assembly of the co-landlords be held one month earlier than usual to put an end to this ongoing  harassment of his tenant, Mme. Empathy the director of the restaurant from Hell.  Yes, he claimed (and still does to this date) that ‘the Asian woman is lying about her suffering and Mme. Landlord is wrong in wanting to protect her tenant.  The other landlords should not be influenced by the sentimental nonsense of my Mme. Landlord and landlords should vote with a sensitive mind.  The true victim is him, claimed Mr. Pride.

Mr. Proud Victim, his second name, planned well to sabotage Mme. Landlord’s votes by picking a date that coincided with her cancer treatment when she would be away from Paris.  You might ask why the Syndic accepted his request.  As a rich man Mr. Pride was one of the two big shareholders.  Unfortunately, this other big shareholder became his partner in crime.  I shall refer to this new character as Mr. Brave who had been hereto polite towards Mme. Landlord despite his seething chauvinism because everyone respected Mme. Landlord, the smart lady with a strong sense of justice who had long looked after the interest of the building in a fair manner.  Mr. Pride had the sense to see the importance of the large number of shares Mr. Brave possessed and proposed the latter a lucrative business.  Thus Mr. Brave and Mr. Pride became buddies.  Out came the true color of Mr. Brave who started to mock Mme. Landlord openly.  He slandered Mme. Landlord to be a trouble maker, not worthy of her noble reputation.

Poor Mme. Landlord was shattered as she had not been aware of the dark sentiment of Mr. Brave towards her.  Two men ganged up against this cancer patient, the true horror story in Paris.  The two men influenced the date of the general assembly with their large number of votes combined.  The Syndic was obliged to accept.  Our Mme. Landlord chose to take a break from her treatment to attend the meeting because Mr. Pride demanded the Syndic and the co-landlords to legalize his unauthorized machine on the building.  He could do it with the help of Mr. Brave who had revenge on his mind.  My suffering did not even enter Mr. Brave’s mind because I too was a woman.  I had thought that French men were fair and respective of women, so I inquired.  It turned out that he was only half French.  Not that it meant anything, but at this point I needed the French to be near perfect, worthy of the price I was paying to live in Paris. 

However, my questions about the nationality led to the fact that quite a number of the landlords were either Italian or Americans.  Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave did not fear them because they were all small shareholders.  Combined, they would pose a larger number of votes, but they spoke little French and they resided overseas.  Mme. Landlord could not reach them to ask for their power of attorney because of the language barriers.  She lamented her English was not good enough to explain this complicated situation to those non-French landlords.  Thus Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave disregarded the other landlords.  I, this Asian woman, was of course forgettable to them.  However, they overlooked the fact that I communicated in English and that I was also a Japanese woman with diligence.  Most of all, I am a genuine descendent of Samurai Warriors who accepts every battle, even a losing one, to have some learning values.  There is no medals given to join winnable battles.  In fact, my ancestor feared complacency after a win more than a loss because one often ends up losing more than the gain of a win in a long term.  I hope my ancestors were right about the reverse.

To be continued.

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