Saturday, 17 March 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 65

I returned to Paris well prepared.  It would have been suicidal not to against the likes of Mr. Pride who would not blink at the physical pain he incurs on others.  It would take a professional psychologist to explain how he justifies believing him to be the victim, not me, because I am causing loss on his business.  But there he was, I just had to deal with it. 

You may ask again why I would not leave and rid myself of this problem.  I already wrote in the old episodes that some landlords simply replaced their tenants with unsuspecting ones.  One of them even lied to his tenant that it would be absolutely quiet.  What saddened me that all the new tenants who were duly terrorized by the music beats from the restaurant day and night…were all Asians.  One Taiwanese student was stuck because her landlord would not return her deposit despite the problem.  In the end she chose to betray her friend from Beijing.  I was surprised to see the new girl who took over the apartment.  The landlord had agreed because he was not losing any money. 

I instantly felt sorry for her because she had been told lies by someone she trusted.  I shall refer to her as Miss Plum (the national flower of China) who was initially wary of me, a Japanese woman.  However, I assured her that Mrs. Landlord and my lawyer were working to solve the problem, and let her know all the times that Miss Plum was not alone.  Knowing how lonely an Asian woman by herself can be in Paris in times of illness, I informed her all I knew about good medications available in Paris.  I do not know what Miss Plum thinks of me, but we are amicable neighbors and that is enough for me to feel happy.  She even signed the petition against the restaurant.  I respect her gut because other tenants became chicken and declined to sign.  They left to escape the noise, but Miss Plum stayed on to fight with me.   It is for beautiful surprises like this I stay in Paris.

Back to my preparation against Mr. Pride who had decided a long-term harassment could wear me down.  We’ll see about that.  I purchased the most advanced insulation material made in Japan.  It is the first and only insulation material in the world that is effective against the low frequency noise.  The company is called SHIZUKA meaning science of tranquility.  The inventor was recently given the top award at the national commercial invention contest in Japan.  They have already begun exporting their products to USA.  Germany, the leading nation in Europe in the field of regulations and combat against noise of all types, has shown interest.  

This is what I needed to shield myself from the low frequency noise emitted by the big refrigerator and freezer which Mme. Empathy installed right beneath my bedroom instead of her basement like other decent restaurants in Paris do, including most Michelin starred restaurants.  SHIZUKA is also effective against electromagnetism.  Mr. Pride had used his votes, he had many, to annul the plan to install earth tours in our building despite it would expose the residents to physical danger relating to electricity leak.  I do not presume to know what he hopes to happen to me, the one who lives above his deadly kitchen, but whatever he wishes for, the advanced technology of Japan would protect me from it.

I am keenly aware that I am an idiot for wasting my money and time on this restaurants from hell.  However, I just could not be the one to dump the problem on someone else.  Not until it is clear to the world that I have done all I could against this demon.  I had always respected Chinese women for their dynamism.  With Miss Plum’s boldness combined with my Japanese meticulousness, I felt empowered. 

And then, I learnt a surprising news about Madame Empathy.  To be continued.
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