Saturday, 24 March 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 66

No more sugar sweet voice, Mme. Empathy bared her fangs at Mr. Pride.  ‘I and my brother (Mr. Justice) will sue you for compensation for failing us.  My patrons invested into the renovation and machines of the restaurant based on the 10 years guarantee you signed.  However, you failed to silence that nagging Mme. Landlord at the last assembly general.  You said you had intimidated the Syndic so that he would yield to your demand!  But we cannot forever ignore the lawsuit against us by that Jap or Chinese, oh, whatever!’

I had seen the scary side of Mme. Empathy which could send shiver down the spine of anybody, even Mr. Pride, the man who sniggered at the physical ordeal of an Asian woman.  Despite that, I could still see his points that she was to be blamed for not having played by the book which led to my lawsuit.  He was also a victim of Mme. Empathy because if it were not for her silver tongue, he may not have purchased this defective property equipped with an extractor pipe installed illegally by the former owner without the consent of the Syndic.  In fact this was the main issue of my lawsuit.  My lawyers saw that my physical suffering would not carry much weight in the court (wow!), but the illegality of the pipe may.  This is why the otherwise confident Mme. Empathy was rattled.

She softened her expression and cajoled Mr. Pride.  Oh I have seen that transition a few times myself.  Mme. Empathy purred ‘But we can get out of this if you follow my plan.  I will find some sucker to buy my machines off me.  You just keep your mouth shut about the pending lawsuits and I will not need to sue you.’  My lawyer did not think this was possible as any sensible buyers would check the status of the restaurant permit.  The prospective buyers would soon see the records of the pending lawsuit and would stay away from the trouble.  No problems as Mme. Empathy would choose her preys wisely.  Would her protector or my Goliath give her time she needed to run?  Would there be another prey added to Mme. Empathy’s trail of victims? 

To be continued. 
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