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The true horror stories in modern Paris part 53

The man who walked into the restaurant was a brother of Mme. Empathy.    He was obviously friend with  Mme. Harmonie.   How is that possible?    In need of some explanation that would make sense, I searched the internet.   The discovery was even more incredible.   Mme. Empathy's brother  worked as a humanitarian.   He denounced Mme. Le Pen for racial discrimination, but this was the man who let his sister build the chamber of horror where I, an Asian woman, was fried above the restaurant.   This is the man who let his sister terrorize her neighbours at two restaurants and more from what I heard making many French neighbours sick day and night.   And yet he smiled in the photo like an icon of justice and benevolence.   The scary  part was that he really seemed to believe he was Mr. Justice himself.   Talk about selective memory… After midnight, I had no choice but to return to my apartment despite the party.  I hoped it would taper out.  How wrong I was because  I heard a cho

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 52

Mme. Harmonie was not beautiful.   But Scarlet O’Hara she was not either.   But the two women shared the look of determination, not letting anyone get in her way.   Mme. Harmonie derived her power from her occupation which was critique.   It would have made more sense to open a restaurant if she had been a food critique, but no.    She decided to have a restaurant on side to lean back on.   A very condescending attitude to get into any business, especially the food industry.   It is much more than providing food, drinks and a fake smile promoting ‘honest artisan experience’.   There are several reasons why there are so few restaurants are awarded Michelin Stars.   I have come to notice that Michelin Star awarded restaurants, they mostly rent or own the floor above their restaurants so as not to annoy their neigbours.   Their kitchens with commercial size machines are kept down in the basement to protect the clients and the neighbours from electromagnetic, low frequency noise and al

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 51

You might wonder why I was not disappointed that Mme. Empathy did not get her uppercomance.  First, I had not expected any because this is not a movie, but a true story in the real life.  Secondly, it was all those men who had bent the rules and morality to indulge her ever since she could remember.  What young woman would not be affected by that?  What woman would even think of doing the right things or playing by the rules after such easy rides?  I have no sympathy for those men who ended up being trodden by her.  I was just sooooo grateful that I had survived the woman.   The new owner, I shall call her Miss Harmony because she sent a letter to every resident and every landlord that she would like to talk and come to an amicable agreement.  No one replied, except me.  I felt sorry for the woman who had been lied to and invested her savings into this dodgy restaurant permit.  If she could agree to insulate the ceiling of the restaurant, I would have loved to make peace with Mr Prid