Monday, 23 April 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 70

Mme. Harmonie was not beautiful.  But Scarlet O’Hara she was not either.  But the two women shared the look of determination, not letting anyone get in her way.  Mme. Harmonie derived her power from her occupation which was critique.  It would have made more sense if she had been a food critique, but no.   She decided to have a restaurant on side to lean back on.  A very condescending attitude to get into any business, especially the food industry.  It is much more than providing food, drinks and a fake smile promoting ‘honest artisan experience’.  There are number of reasons why there are so few restaurants are awarded Michelin Stars. 

I have come to notice that Michelin Star awarded restaurants, they mostly rent or own the floor above their restaurants so as not to annoy their neigbours.  Their kitchens with commercial size machines are kept down in the basement to protect the clients and the neighbours from electromagnetic, low frequency noise and all other health hazards.  Of course it is all costly infrastructure that requires professional integrity to observe.  What do I know but it seems a wonderful coincidence that Michelin has awarded the restaurants with CONSCIENCE, not just the taste.

Mme. Harmonie soon blasted us with all night dance bar with a disco beat music.  Had she bothered to obtain the costly bar license?  No, there is not yet a sticker of blue and red opal on the façade of her restaurant.  As for my plea to insulate her ceiling, Mme. Harmonie insisted to believe Mr. Pride’s lies that it had been done so already.  She insisted that it was all in my mind.  ‘Don’t jump to judge us just because the former manager was bad.  We’re totally new team!’  
You cannot win with a person who criticizes but takes none from others.

At least with Mme. Empathy, her trademark which was sex appeal was real.  Mme Harmonie billed herself as a friendly down to earth person with little interest to frivolous fashion.  It is a tactic often employed by average looking women in order to appear to have more substance than beautiful women.  We already know she is so kind that she does not give a rat that I am stuck in life where her restaurant does not allow me to open my windows to let the fresh air.   In a nutshell, while Mme. Empathy manipulated people with the asset she truly possessed, Mme. Harmonie deceived with an asset she did not possess when it mattered.

Totally new team, Mme. Harmonie said.  However, I saw a few waiters who used to work for Mme. Empathy.  The main chef was new, but the assistant chef was still the same guy.  I remembered this guy with bitterness because he was the one who kept breaking the regulations.  Chefs were prohibited to wander into the private court of the residents, but he kept puffing the cigarette there with insolence look.  This lack of self-discipline may have been the reason he was never promoted to the main chef, despite there had been 4 or 5 main chefs under 11 months since the opening of this restaurant from Hell.

But it was the man walking into the restaurant with this mediocre chef that stupefied me.  To be continued.

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