The true horror stories in modern Paris part 36

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man’.


Just in case you were thinking that I might have really done a lousy job, let me tell you about this professional painter who was sent by the insurance company to paint the ceiling of Mme. HARMONY’s apartment.  There had been a leek on her roof.  The painter did a good job, but Mme. HARMONY said it was NOT, pointing at the one tiny, oh, so tiny spot left near the window.  She refused to pay unless the painter did more extra work for her.  It turned ugly that the boss had to come.   After the heated argument, the painters left fuming.  One of them insisted on shaking hands with me before leaving, but not with Mme. HARMONY.   He told me that ‘That is a nasty woman there’ indicating that other French women were nicer.  I was much relieved to hear that.   

My right arm, particularly my wrist was feeling the pressure of continuous painting.  One week of preparation of the walls and painting two coats of the two floors apartment.  Three coat of paint was needed to cover the uneven surface because it was semi-transparent cheap paint.  Yet Mme. HARMONY would email me that her friends praised her for doing most of the work while I was being useless.   I was dismayed to know that she needed immigrants to remain useless outwardly, so she could shine as the saint protector of pathetic immigrants.  

Then suddenly she told me to interrupt the painting and assigned me a new task.  She decided to go after Jupiter for compensation and she needed a secretary for preparing documents.  My printer was made to work till it broke because she was persistent.  My wrist did not get as much rest as I needed, but Mme. HARMONY kept threatening me that I owed her infinitely for her kindness.   

She did not know that my French reading had improved beyond her imagination, but I could read the communication between Mme. HARMONY and JUPITER.  I  discovered that Jupiter had tried many times to fix the things she complained of in her apartment, but she sabotaged his effort each time.   Financial extortion was her true aim.    She would have continued to nag him on for compensation she did not deserve if it was not for me.  Seeing that Jupiter would not cave in easily, she turned her attention on my saving, small as it was.  

Mirror that reflects your soul

While the painting was interrupted, Mme. HARMONY had an accident falling off a ladder when her phone rang.  This ladder was mine that Mme. HARMONY had insisted on leaving it in her apartment.  She made a huge fuss about her fall, telling everyone that she fell from the ladder while fixing up my lousy painting.   She repeated to the world that had I done my job right, she would not have needed to be up the ladder.  By this time, I was under her mind control.  I blamed myself and paid her medical bills.  There was a flash of sheepishness in her eyes, but she grabbed the money and quickly pushed it down her pocket looking very satisfied.  It was only later on that I discovered that Mme. HARMONY would have been reimbursed by French Medicare and Mutuelle (private medical insurance).

I resumed painting as she supervised my work.  She started boasting about having rich friends.  Not all migrants are financially challenged.  Some of them are elites who had to flee their homeland to protect their wealth.   Such was this Turkish doctor whose acquaintance Mme. HARMONY boasted of.  She would say ‘I was raised as a Catholic, but I do not like religions.  Thus, I do not discriminate against Muslims.’   This kind of her comment used to impress me.  She told me that many of her rich friends frequently invited her for all expenses trips in exchange for her doing them some favors.  Still, I thought she would pay for her own meals.  I would if my travel and accommodation fees were paid.  

However, when I asked her about the meal arrangement I was surprised by her response.  She casually replied to my question that it was not her problem to worry about the expense.  She did not even look up from her smartphone while saying ‘Je ne sais pas.’  There was no hint of gratitude, but only the sense of entitlement.  This Turkish doctor must have imagined a friend in Mme. HARMONY, just like I was fooled for many months.  He may have felt vulnerable in the face of religious discrimination in the world that Mme. HARMONY’s sweet words must have sounded like music to his ears.  In my case, I had been weakened by the restaurant from Hell and thus I was ripe for the easy exploitation by She the hyena.  

Still, I was not angry.  Sad and disappointed, but not angry because being a bad judge of character was my fault at my age.  However, Mme. HARMONY's greedy hand was reaching out to my aged mother too.