Much easier to steal from the weak than the strong-part 21


'You are going to appeal, aren't you?  My boss and I are ready to proceed,' asked my French lawyer naively, as if our conversation regarding his Asian boss had flown right over his head.  As long as he was unaware of the situation, I asked him to give me a copy of his hours on my case.  Usually, he would send it to his boss, and the boss billed me.  I had vaguely noticed that the sum did not seem to add up recently, but the unlawful restaurant had consumed me.  

Sure enough, when I compared his list of hours against the list of hours later given by the boss, I was charged nearly double the amount.  The date of some hours fell on the period I was not even in France.  When I confronted the boss about it, he fudged things up that he charged me for the hours he spent on his other clients by mistake.  He denied making any mistakes on other bills.  At that stage, I considered his old age might be the factor.

I had chosen this Asian lawyer for my mother's sake.  If I died before her, she would need a lawyer to inherit what little amount of savings I held in the French bank.  She did not speak French; thus, I chose a Japanese-speaking lawyer even though his reputation was split 50-50.   When my mother came with me to meet him, she noticed that the man would avoid eye contact with her at all costs.  She sensed guilt and wondered if he was ripping off her daughter.  Mothers' instinct is always right. 

In the following month, this Asian boss requested a loan of over 8000 euros (9500 USD) without collateral or even a contract, although he is a lawyer.  He wanted me to deposit it into his Japanese account so the French government would not know about it.  He had many Japanese corporate clients whose accounts he would not dare mess with.  He chose me because I was a single woman in France, exhausted by her hellish neighbour.  He sized up my entire saving to 8000~10000 euros.  Not a lot, but easy picking for him.  I still have his incriminating email just in case he sees this blog. 

I was not going to appeal against the Council of his Paris anyway, but the Asian lawyer would not touch my money ever again.  In a way, I was glad I discovered his true colour before I left my mother at the mercy of this misogynist.  He would have dried her clean.   The Japanese Association in Paris promptly recommended their young French lawyer who spoke Japanese.   I drew up a valid will with him, so my mother would be in a safe hand.  

That the Asian lawyer abused his position to milk a woman client in her weak moment was unprofessional and gross.  But what I found most offensive was that he impersonated Japanese nationality, judging from how his office was decorated.  Also, a Japanese man would quit his job if he found himself no longer adequate to protect his clients.  If this Asian boss had indeed mixed up two of his clients' accounts, he ought to have realized that he had reached his age limit to be responsible for making life decisions for his clients.  The fact he did not retire indicates that he was a naturalized Japanese or someone who had lost Japanese virtue, perhaps after he established some celebrity status for being 'reliable.'  

Mirror that reflects your soulThe split from my former lawyer made me rethink my direction.  Miss GRATITUDE exposed me to high and low-frequency noise, the former with her constant music and the latter with her kitchen appliances.  She adamantly refused to insulate her ceiling, insisting that Mr. PRIDE had done enough.  While the high-frequency noise would offend our hearing, the low-frequency noise would penetrate our skin and grab our internal organs to shake them relentlessly.  The shaking furniture showed me what was happening inside me.  I would not sue the Council of Paris, but I could still sue the restaurant for the noise.  Then something happened to make me rethink this.

A string of guests was going into the restaurant from Hell.  I moaned and stuffed my ears with plugs.  Instead of the usual disco music, a chorus started.  The singing gradually turned into howling, and a shiver went down my spine.  Loud music is one thing, but human howling is eerie.  Then to my horror, my apartment started to shake from stomping in the restaurant.  Howling and stomping, howling and stomping…the howling growing more primitive each time.  The whole building shook (I learned this later from my other neighbours).  I was past annoyed; I was scared!  Usually, my curiosity would beckon me to find out what was happening, but instinct told me to stay away from what was a ritual of some kind.  It continued all night. 

Then Silence finally, I thought with a foggy head, with a spasm in one eyelid.  The sky in Paris looked grey-white.   I went downstairs, not knowing what to expect.  Something told me to look into the residential garbage area.  I gasped.  It was filled with hundreds of empty bottles and a mountain of litter.  Mr. PRIDE had promised that his staff would take their trash to the nearest commercial garbage station.  Like many other promises, this was hardly observed.  Miss GRATITUDE was no better, as the bottles before my eyes proved.  Taking her to court would expose me to her and some type of cult.  Instinct warned me to stay away from them. 

I was left with one option only: KANUCHI.  It is a strategy often employed by the emperors and Samurai Lords.  Instead of fighting the opponents, doing precisely the opposite may work without bloodshed.  Promoting your opponent to an elevated status will poison his mind.  Also, your opponent will become a target of jealousy and assassination.  It is a risky tactic but the only option for the weak facing the stronger foe.   I would insulate all the walls and the floor to protect my health while waiting. 

Thus, Miss GRATITUDE was given full reign.  She opened her restaurant for breakfast, lunch, tea time, apéro (drinks before dinner), dinner, and late dining…without any license.  I had dropped the lawsuit, and the extractor was to be attached to our building, thus legalized.  With everything going her way, Miss GRATITUDE was on top of the world.