The leech would not give up-True horror Paris part 39

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me that ‘True horror is hidden within man’.


A shadow was coming up from the basement.  The shadow turned around and smiled at me.  It was Mme. HARMONY!  What was she still doing here after the purchase of her former apartment was finalized?  Was not she supposed to hand over ALL the keys to the buyer including the one to the basement storage?  The storage already belonged to the buyer and Mme. HARMONY should not have trespassed it.  Was that a smile of guilt on her face for being caught, or…? 

‘Bonjour.’  She addressed me by my first name.  My stomach turned.  She started walking towards me and I perspired.  I nearly ran, but restrained myself.  I would not let She the Hyena intimidate me again.  I kept on walking and as I passed by her I returned ‘Bonjour’ so she could not criticize Asians for not having manners, but she was not getting any more than that from me.  I sensed her surprise but walked on without looking back, up the stairs to my apartment.  I quickly closed the door behind me and remembered the slandering message she had sent to my neighbours a few months ago.  It was concluded with her hope that I would come to my senses and she the ever generous Mme. HARMONY would forgive me.  

Two days later, I walked up the stairs and froze.  The old woman was standing in front of my door!  I knew the new buyer would not want to invite Mme. HARMONY after suffering extortion from this She the Hyena, so I probably was the reason the old woman came back.  She knew the access code to the building.  I would not open my door because she would force herself, perhaps to use my toilet again?  So I stood next to her and stared at her.  She the Hyena smiled at me cajolingly and cheerfully greeted me Bonjour.  I returned one but with a low voice, still staring.  Undaunted, she put on a dazzling smile again, but I would not flinch.  Finally, she walked down the stairs and left, but I knew that Mme. HARMONY was not giving up.  

I still had something she wanted to benefit from: the skills of DIY.  I can make or fix almost anything except electricity.  I have a toolbox with a driller, electric saw, the lot.  Tradesmen are so expensive to hire in Paris Mme. HARMONY could badly use my skill…free of charge, of course.  And wouldn’t you know it a few days later, Mme. HARMONY was spotted in my neighborhood which was not a walkable distance from where she lived for an aged person with cancer.  Such was her nature that her cancer treatment may have been exaggerated to manipulate people.  I for one fell for it and dropped my usual defense at the beginning, but a truly sick person listening to death every day could not have been this greedy for money and have the stamina to plot like She the Hyena.  

I was sick of being taken for a fool that can be mind-controlled again.  I grimaced which was rare for Japanese and briskly walked away.  I felt her anger, but let her do her worse.  I had enough witnesses to endorse my side of the story: Jupiter with whom I had exchanged contact details, the Italian buyer who was extorted, my French lawyer and his legal letter, and many other residents who found her to be a trouble maker.  All of them initially thought Mme. HARMONY was nice, no I was not the only one duped. 

Mirror that reflects your soul

A while later, I sensed some movement outside my door, so I checked through the peeking hole and…a man stared back!  I recognized him to be one of the believers of Mme. HARMONY.  I shall call him Mr. SAGE.  I had seen him on a couple of occasions fixing something for Mme. HARMONY.  Mr. SAGE was a good-natured man who admired her to be a goddess who helped the helpless.  One day he and I were told to carry up a heavy mattress that Mme. HARMONY had found in the garbage room.  She wanted it in her guest room, but I did not want to touch it.  Mattresses are discarded when they are infested with fleas.  I reminded Mme. HARMONY that rats were often seen in the garbage room too, but she said a sheet over the mattress would do.  She was not going to sleep on the infested mattress herself, but she was having a guest over.  I was appalled but Mr. SAGE faithfully carried the infected mattress up the stairs. 

And here he was, Mr. SAGE was staring at my door reproachfully.  God knows what Mme. HARMONY told him, but I must have been one ungrateful Asian who wronged his Goddess.  He continued to stare at my door for a long time until he was called away by a woman’s voice from below.  It was about this time around when my door lock was broken in an amateurish manner.  Nothing was stolen, but my bed was turned upside down which would have robbed any woman’s sense of security.  

After this incident, the access code to the building was changed, and curiously neither Mr. SAGE nor Mme. HARMONY was to be sighted in the neighborhood, at least for three years to this date.  My wrist has regained its former strength and many things have happened.  True horror is man who plot revenge, while retribution is the will of the universe.