Monday, 21 May 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 74

The sharpest sword in the world is said to be the samurai swords.  My ancestors were entrusted with enormous responsibility that could cut through anything…except sludge.  It would simply wrap itself around the sword while dripping on your clothes to stick as stains, which you just cannot shake it off.  I started to wonder if Mr. Honour and Mr. Pride were themselves preyed upon by Mr. Justice’s crowd.  Anyway, it was time to adjust myself.  You do not fight sludge.  The best you could do is to let them win until they weaken themselves with their own toxins.  Did I believe this?  Not at the time, but I chose the reverse psychology by instinct.  Well, more like a prayer it was.

Speaking of prayer, I recall having touched something at the moment I was falling down the abyss, despairing the reality of human nature (part 71).  It was a small statue of Jesus Christ.  Though I am not a Christian, my mother is a protestant that I would take the little statue with me for a nostalgic reason.  I must have knocked it down off the book shelf and the statue fell near me.  In the movies, this would have been the moment I was converted, but I did not wish to choose a religion out of spite of other religions or cults.  Besides I could never bring myself to believe the unrealistic stories preached by each religion.  I wanted logic or psychology.  However, I realized that no logic could explain why the evil was triumphing in the real life either.  Hmm…I could stop being criticizing of the religion.  But like I said, hatred did not seem the right reason to embrace a religion. 

Though I concede that I cannot explain it, I learnt since I arrived in Paris, that there are three types of evils: First is the predator Goliath; the second is the sycophants who support and empower the Goliath; and the third…the hyenas.  In the trail left behind by the Goliath and the entourage, there lay their victims.  Weaken and helpless, desperate for a tiny hint of kindness.  They may not seem much, but most likely the easiest to exploit.  The hyenas know it.  It took me months to realize that I was standing next to one.  It was Mme. Landlord.

To be continued.
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