The true horror stories in modern Paris part 55

In hindsight, there have been many clues, but you do not want to admit that you have misjudged your friends.  Your sense of loyalty forbids you to even suspect them and those hyenas are gifted in appealing to your noble streak by throwing in noble statements here and there.  However, their actions betray their words, if you allow yourself to scrutinize them.

I first wondered about Mme. Landlord’s nobleness when I witnessed the way she treated her gay tenant.  She is of the generation still unaccepting that souls do not choose to love somebody by their physical gender.  And yet, she outwardly behaved tolerant of gay movement and rent one of her apartment to this young gay man, shall I call him Jupiter?  My readers have already figured out that I name unpleasant characters with a virtue they claim to possess, but do not actually.  However, with normal characers I just pick a name randomly, and this time I chose Jupiter because I had just watched an episode from ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

Jupiter responded to the kindness of Mme. Landlord by regularly giving her advises on IT or any issues that were too modern for this old lady.  Trust between the two deepened to the extent that Mme. Landlord suggested to Jupiter to renovate the kitchen to his taste.  Jupiter was tempted because Mme. Landlord’s kitchen was old and outdated.  However, it would cost him a lot of money to renovate.  Then Mme. Landlord told him that she was thinking of selling her apartment.  She needed to concentrate on her cancer treatment for the time being, but someday…  ‘Would you be interested in buying my apartment?’ she asked Jupiter.  He was.  Mme. Landlord smiled and assured him that he would be the first to know when she was ready to sell.  Thus, Jupiter decided to invest his money into updating the kitchen, style wise and appliances wise.  He was made to believe Mme. Landlord would offer the apartment at the friend’s price.

Several months later, the kitchen looked brand new.  It was about this time I first spoke to Jupiter as his new neighbor.  He was looking forwards to buy the apartment from Mme. Landlord.  However, she told him that if he offered the same price as the top bidder, Jupiter would have the priority.  What?  So, there was a chance his investment in renovating her kitchen could end up being waste if someone with more money appeared?  Jupiter reminded her that it was not their arrangement, but Mme. Landlord insisted otherwise.  ???   Jupiter bitterly accepted that it may be her age that was messing with her memory.  She still was still kind lady inside, right?  He would still have two more years left in the contract to enjoy his new kitchen which he would have to leave behind most of it.

However, several months later, Mme. Landlord told Jupiter to leave as she was selling her apartment for her family…or whatever.  Jupiter found out the hard way that Mme. Landlord changed her story pretending to be old.  Reverse-ageism attacked Jupiter and later me, but I could not imagine it at that time.

To be continued.
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