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The true horror stories in modern Paris part 57

My injured wrist has had some rest.   I’m not sure if anyone would care for my updates while the world cup 2018 is on, but I’d better write some before my wrist gives way again. In hindsight, I was always uneasy that Mme. Landlord constantly reminded the people around her of her good deeds.   She called herself ‘a good person yet underappreciated.’   It may be very Japanese of me, but I was brought up with the idea that good deeds may be recognized, but should not demand rewards.   It was sad because she did not need to remind me of her kindness because I always remembered it.   When she asked me to print all her private documents, I did not doubt her explanation that she found the modern technology difficult.   I had to go through several ink cartridges, each quite expensive in France, but I was happy to do them for her free.   However, one night, Mme. Landlord needed her vast documents for her freelance work and I had to deliver the printed documents after 22:00.   Unfortunat

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 56

I’ve been enduring inflammation of a tendon in my wrist.  It is getting better, so I resume my blog about the three evils I encountered since arriving in Paris.  The Goliath-type predators stand before you like a wall, so there is a chance you can spot them and run the other way.  The second evil, the hypocrite sludge, save their smile for the people in power, while ruthlessly stomp over the weak, or in their term, the useless, and will walk away in search for another conquest.  The silver lining is that the sludge will leave you alone if you let them win on small scale battles.  The third type of evil is not that easy to shake off because those hyenas are after small gains that even the weak victims can give if you press their wounds hard enough.   The real estate agent of Jupiter was indignant with the offer made by Mme. Landlord.  Though she posed as a generous landlord by giving her tenant 6 months until November, the real estate agent knew of the French laws that forbids landlor