Monday, 2 July 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 78

The pain in my wrist lingered too long that I had to return to Japan because my other wrist began to hurt.  I needed the help of my family in Japan with every day chores.  Thus I have been following the news of the World Cup in Japan.  Let me tell you, the Japanese would have preferred our national team to have progressed to the top 16 in a different manner.  No need to condemn us.  We know that stalling to keep the lead, which many teams have done in the soccer history, is different from stalling when you are losing.  We are also painfully aware that we possess none of the gifts that other teams have.  After all the flakks the Japanese players copped, the Japanese team will be clobbered by the Belgium who openly speak of the Japanese team as a warm up practice before facing Brazilian team.  Despite what you think of the Japanese, we have accepted all this with resignedness, not smugness.

If there was one thing I would ask…please, do not take your anger out on the Japanese supporters.  As soon as the media credited them for cleaning the stadium seating areas after the games, there was a backlash.  The Japanese supporters were accused of trying to make their national team look grander than the real life.  I need to point out to you that cleaning is just our habit.  The supporters have been doing this in Japan all the time, not just in the international venues.   Japan is such a tiny country that if we each did not clean up after us, the life would have been intolerable.  Those who look for ulterior motives in the others, are often projecting their own pattern of thinking.  The man who went out of his way to speak to Japanese media about his contempt on the Japanese fans may approve if the Japanese start wrecking the shops that belonged to our opponents as well.  

Let me point out the obvious: the Japanese people have always been the butt of joke and there are reasons for that.  Look at me for an instance.  For over one year I made every effort to please Mme. Landlord whom I believed to be my friend.  Instead of appreciating me, Mme. Landlord chose to exploit the situation. 
Geek Japanese may seem fair game to you, but you would gain far more by befriending us.  Our loyalty goes a long way.  I was even thinking of inviting Mme. Landlord and her family to Japan during the Tokyo Olympic, all expenses paid.  Of course, I dropped this idea when she wronged my aged mother who visited me in Paris.  That was the wake-up call.  
To be continued.
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