Sunday, 22 July 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 80

I am not above revenge, but it is necessary to take a realistic approach to it, considering the time and effort one must invest in the process.  Probably the most common motive would be the desire to make your enemy regret his or her past conducts, which may be possible if the enemy was an individual, but not if you fell prey to a collective perpetrator.  There is less fear with breaking laws together with one’s partners in crime.  There is no guilt in forsaking a human being in a long physically pain if you can blame someone else for the choice.  The characters involved in the restaurant from Hell (Mr. Pride, Mme. Empathy, Mme. Harmony, Mr. Brave) have stomped all over their neighbors for nearly 18 months and still have slept well at night because it is a typical lynch mentality.  The notion of regret will never come to them.  Thus, I must treat this like an accident just like the time a couple of Colombian men robbed money from me through threat.  Sure, I felt sick at the time, but it passed and the same will happen with the restaurant from Hell too.

Or will it?  The encounter was brief and one-off with the criminals, but I had already been exposed to the restaurant from Hell for more than one year when the Syndic contacted me about Mr. Pride’s new demand.  The restaurant needed to access my apartment to fix a leak on their low roof.  Normally I would be more than happy to oblige, but Mme. Harmonie had just told me to live with my windows closed forever.  She flatly refused to insulate her kitchen ceiling unlike many other decent restaurant owners in Paris.  And now she was sending workers into my studio through the Syndic so she did not need to say ‘please’ to me.  Pouring oil onto fire was another email sent by her partner demanding that I must cooperate for the comfort of the clients of the restaurant.  Comfort?!  I had been robbed of good night sleep for 12 months at this point.  In the end I would cooperate, but I could not roll over and accept the tyranny immediately.  So, I denied them access.

I was feeling lousy about myself when my phone rang.  I missed it, so I dialed 666 to retrieve the message.  I was on the busy street when I heard a woman’s message in French.  I did not catch each word, but it was Mme. Harmonie.  Under the situation I thought she was repeating the same demand on me directly.  The action I took following this call, made me realize that my soul had begun to be affected by the dark side.  I do not recommend revenge because longer you are exposed to the darkness, higher the risk of joining the dark side.  This has to be the most tragic thing that could happen to you, but a long stress will weaken your defense eventually.  To be continued.

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