Fake tears of a woman who dug up a dark spirit-The True Horror Story part 41


I am writing this new episode for some readers who might feel cheated that two women in the first part of this series got no comeuppance for their acts: Mme. HEART who stomped on the weak, and Mme. HARMONY who treated the wound of the stomped weak before leeching on them.  I could piece together some facts to draw a probable conclusion, but as this is about true stories I cannot include my guesswork here.  That is for my graphic novel to come.  Thus, I shall share with you the story of Mrs. GRACE whose end I pretty much witnessed.  Not only did she mess with her neighbors, but nature too, which led to the title of this post. 

Let me take you to down under, Australia.  You would not associate the land of perpetual blue sky and glaring sun with dark spirits of any kind.  Even I did not know until I met this woman.  Actually, Mrs. GRACE came into my life for I had been living in this small building of flats long before she moved in.  It was a happy place where we all respected each other.  Sadly, this changed the minute Mrs. GRACE started making suggestions ‘to make the place better for everyone.’  The owners pitched in and were about to discuss the details only to find out that Mrs. GRACE had already placed orders for new parts for everything.  The doorknobs, number plates, lighting…In short, the building was redone in the taste of Mrs. GRACE alone.  I heard this from my landlord whose opinions had been totally ignored by this newcomer.  However, the old owners were all too gentile to reproach Mrs. GRACE for this, which encouraged her to act bolder. 

She suggested a middle-scale renovation and pushed her tradesmen for the work.  The gentile old owners all agreed but assigned my landlord as a co-signer.  He was trusted by others for being fair-minded and he was certainly not impressed that Mrs. GRACE had spent the communal money to change the building to suit her personal taste.  He would regularly check Mrs. GRACE’s suggestion which frustrated her.  She would go up to other landlords to complain.  ‘All I’ve done since I moved in was to make this a better place for everyone, and yet that man bullies me at every chance!’  The landlords would relay this to my landlord but assured him of their faith in him.  Seeing that she was not getting the support she desired, Mrs. GRACE shunned my landlord from the final meeting with the tradesmen by giving him a wrong date.  

The work began without his signature and the tradesmen went along because the contract was beneficial to them.  Mrs. GRACE had failed to cover all grounds and the landlords ended up paying for the jobs promised verbally but were not carried out because they were not included in the signed contract.   Guess who Mrs. GRACE blamed?  My landlord!  She changed the facts around which did not make any sense.  When the other landlords would not buy her lies, she resorted to crying complaining of my landlord’s perpetual bullying of her.  My landlord was Japanese and she was a fragile white woman.  Mrs. GRACE preceded this KAREN phenomenon happening in the USA now by at least ten years.  Blame Asians for lying and everything will be fine.  The other landlords did not side with Mrs. GRACE, but were worn down by her constant ranting that they would not speak up for my landlord either, which disappointed him deeply.  He began contemplating selling and leaving this environment made toxic by Mrs. Karen GRACE.  

This KAREN did not spare me either.  While she would act like a wronged heroine feeble and weeping to Australian neighbors, she showed an entirely different side to me.  She made me listen to her conversation with others that there was a time when people with English ancestors were deemed to be superior in Australia.  This was no news to me for I had already met an Australian man who introduced himself as an English.  However, another Australian old woman told me after he left that this English man was an Irish like herself.  

Why would he say that?  She just told me that some Australians like to pass themselves as English, but the reason was apparently too long a story to tell.  She was silent, visibly disgusted.  To this day it puzzles me because I have visited Dublin and Cork and found them to be wonderful that I repeated the trip with my mother.  We even included Belfast and we were duly impressed by the cleanness of the city and that is something coming from Japanese women, the clean maniac.   I would NOT hide it from anyone if my ancestors came from Ireland like this Australian man did to me.  Very strange.

Mirror that reflects your soul

So back to our Mrs. GRACE.  She was not alone in her thinking so this did not upset me.  Nevertheless, I was annoyed by her habit of throwing around words like ‘elegant’, ‘graceful, ‘sophisticated’, ‘lady-like’, etc.  I guess she meant to impress me as an English lady, but unknown to her I had lived in London when I was five years old because my father was transferred there and we lived in a company house in a respective area of London.  Our boss lived in Knightsbridge that I grew up amongst the real English ladies who knew that merely voicing words like ‘elegant’ or ‘graceful would not make you a lady.  In fact, the former Prime Minister Thatcher said something like ‘one ceases to be a lady the minute she boasts to be one.’  With this knowledge, I could not bow to Mrs. GRACE as she would have liked me to. 

I tried my best to suppress my true feelings towards her, but Mrs. GRACE must have sensed it somehow.  One day she stormed into my apartment.