Monday, 19 November 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 95

Mme. Landlord resorted to nick-picking to undermine my reputation, but the other neighbors would not take any notice.  They must have always suspected her hypocrisy but did not want to be wrong.  Now she was met with a unanimous silence against her slander about me.  I felt so encouraged that I was ready to stare back at Mme. Landlord should we meet as I came out from my apartment in the same building.

But it never came to that.  Mme. Landlord put her apartments up to sale sooner than she had anticipated under the worst condition.  One apartment she had planned to sell with a renovated kitchen, courtesy of her former gay tenant Jupiter.  That did not pan out as he stripped it off as he left as he realized that she had him duped.  She was stuck with her old appliances which Jupiter had kept in her storage area.  Her other apartment had its value crumbled by the existence of the restaurant from Hell.  She tried to recoup the loss through piggy banking on my lawsuit against the restaurant from Hell without paying a cent herself.  That did not pan out when I withdrew my lawsuit.  It never had the chance because of Mr. Honor anyway, but Mme. Landlord was still furious when I withdrew it against her will.  Instead my lawyer rebuked her for her wrongdoings which blocked her from extracting money from me. 

She was never a fighter, just a hyaena that fed on victims.  It never seemed to occur to her to endeavor in a normal way.  She could have still paid some professionals to do up her apartment, but the photos on the real estate site show no such a trace.  Apart from the walls that I painted, the rooms looked shabby.  Did not any of her children from her multi marriages help her?  I even recognized the old trash left on the same spot as a few months ago.  She may have been lying about her close relationship with her children.  She was not invited to their Christmas dinner in the two years that I knew her.   

Then one photo stopped me.  In her guest room the large bed mattress she had retrieved from the garbage room was still there.  It was covered up by a reasonably clean bed cover, but the content remained a dirty lump ran over by mice.  This symbolizes what she became in the end.  My wrist broke because of her, but I am still grateful for one thing she showed me.  That atheist risks being taken over by some powerful force to fill the void left by a religion.  We are weak humans after all.  Mme. Landlord denied God and was possessed by Greed instead.  An old woman who disgusted my mother by always insisting on using my toilet paper with a sheepish smile despite she had her own toilet upstairs in the same building.  She'd better believe that God does not exist because it is with that sheepish vulgar face she would be facing the Maker no matter how much she tries to conceal it with a sweet fake voice.   

Oh, wait.  She became a self-appointed ruler herself.   She may have snatched a lot from other people but may have missed out on bigger rewards that could have been obtained by her not soliciting.  I would have gladly given her my furniture (the ones I bought) so that her apartment would look appealing had she not lied to me that it was an obligation of migrants in France to co-operate with their landlord in every way.    Her children and grandchildren could have benefitted from my connection should they have wanted to try their luck in Japan.  I may be just a migrant in France, but back in Japan, I am a graduate of Keio University, Japanese version of Oxford University.   

The breaking news: In Paris the expo 2025 has just been awarded to Osaka Japan.  Another city to host a great international event where I have relatives and friends.  Mme. Landlord and her family had a place to stay in Tokyo during the Olympic 2020 and in Osaka during the expo 2025 courtesy of me.  And she had blown it all away by demanding me to pay for a water tap that I broke while I was painting her apartment for a free.  If she had been graceful enough to accept my offer that was equal to the price of her water tap, what a great time she would have enjoyed.  In life it does pay to be nice and patient.  You just don’t always know it. 

To be continued.


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