Monday, 26 November 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 96

I may have given the impression in my last post that I was about to embrace a religion.  Not quite yet although the case of Mme. Landlord taught me the importance of believing in the existence of God as an omnipotent-supervisor.  She lied and manipulated because she did not feel the God’s eyes on her.  We tend to commit anything if no one was looking.  Belief in God will check me from joining the victim-turned-predator business.

However, embracing a religion does not seem to save people from corruption either.  The Sludge people is one example.  It seems they use God as their front that shields them from accusation while engaging in foul acts behind the back of the God while he is looking away.  People reproach the Sludge for their foul acts, but the Sludge will turn the argument around and scream religious discrimination.  My one loyal reader wished to know the name of their faith, but that is not important.  A good religion was molded into a cult by the Sludge as a potent mean to push their agenda.  It is quite a foolproof tactics, but the Sludge can derive strength even from their rare loss as a bonus of the victim-business.  There is no winning with them.

The readers of my blog may remember that I decided to let the Sludge win and win instead. While it sounds crazy arming them with more success, but in my post 92, I described how Mme. Harmonie was being affected by her own poison.  Here is the link, and please come back to read the current state of the restaurant from Hell.

Having failed to attract clients during the regular dining hours, Mme. Harmonie opted to extend it to midnight.  For this she should have applied for a Service Continu license that allows long hours.  It would cost her money and never the one to play by book, Mme. Harmonie avoided the problem by announcing the new late opening hours on the social media site only.  Decent restaurants would be upfront about it on their menu on their windows, but not Mme. Harmonie.  She did not bother to inform Mr. Pride, her landlords that she would be extending her business hours illegally either.  Mme. Harmonie knew that I still suffered from their illegal large noisy kitchen appliances not permitted to the small size eatery kitchen, but she would still refuse to insulate her kitchen.  I may have moved out of my old apartment, but my new apartment was not that far away from the restaurant from Hell.  However, I did not complain to the authority.

Now, it is universally acquiesced that food is mediocre at the long hour bar-restaurants.  People may have thought that the restaurant from Hell had to open late because they could not attract serious diners who would sit down for three courses meals during the regular hours.  Mme. Harmonie used her media connection and obtained many good reviews, but it did not boost the number of serious diners.  Soon, the restaurant from Hell opted to tapas style, offering small dishes to share among friends.  This increased the number of late diners, while lowering the average consumption of each client.  It would have worked in a small eatery but the restaurant from Hell had a large dining area in the most expensive part of Paris.  The expensive rent would still have to be paid. 

In this unfair world, sadly the restaurant from Hell would be successful one day, but it was not happening fast enough for Mme. Harmonie.  I know this because she has started to serve brunch on Sundays too.  Less respite from their kitchen noise for me, but she would not even think about an insignificant Asian migrant with no voice.

What Mme. Harmonie does not know is that I am one of the top 50 influential reviewers of TripAdvisor in Paris.  I received the congratulation message from the editor last week.  To be continued.


  1. You need to post a real "stinker" of a review for that restaurant. That might teach them a lesson.

  2. There is a reason I have not done that yet.