The true horror stories in modern Paris part 68

Miss Harmonie will be categorized into predator as she bulldozes her way.  She applied the similar attitude with her own chef and the good one quitted.  She was not attracting clients fast enough during the regular dining hours that Mme. Harmonie opted to extend it to midnight.  For this she should have applied for a Service Continu license that allows long hours.  It would cost her money and never the one to play by book, Mme. Harmonie avoided the problem by announcing the new late opening hours on the social media site only.  Decent restaurants would be upfront about it on their menu on their windows, but not Mme. Harmonie.  

Now, it is universally acquiesced that food is mediocre at the long hour bar-restaurants.  People may have thought that the restaurant from Hell had to open late because they could not attract serious diners who would sit down for three courses meals during the regular hours.  Mme. Harmonie used her media connection and obtained many good reviews, but it did not boost the number of serious diners.  Soon, the restaurant from Hell opted to tapas-style, offering small dishes to share among friends.  This increased the number of late diners, while lowering the average consumption of each client.  It would have worked in a small eatery but the restaurant from Hell had a large dining area in the most expensive part of Paris.  The expensive rent would still have to be paid. 

Next thing, she started to serve brunch on Sundays too.  Less respite from their kitchen noise for me, but she would not even think about an insignificant Asian migrant with no voice.   She got what she wanted.  However, this arrangement backfired because her second chef was not paid enough for the long hours.   He walked out.  He was followed by a Mexican food chef who flaunted an exotic waitress in revealing dress.  Mme. Harmonie was an amateur after all to think this would work in the historical and classy Le Marais.

For reasons I do not know, the restaurant was suspended for months and subsequently sold.  She only had herself to blame.  Not me, because I had accepted all her terms.

To be continued.