Saturday, 8 December 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 97

I could not update my blog last week because of flu.  Doctor was right, I should have remembered to get a flu shot.  I also wish there were a shot that would have boosted our immune system against the unfairness in life.  Oh, well…I just have to invent one myself.

Though the hyenas are contemptible for cowardly preying on the victims already bitten and fallen by predators, we can still assume that they would not have chosen this path if the predator/bullies had not existed in the first place.  So what makes the bullies tick?    ‘Greed’ goes without saying.  Predators bully the weak to squeeze out whatever they fancy be it money or sadistic pleasure.  As Mr. Maher has said during his show, power begets power, I can see why the predators would stick to bullying which has proven to work.  But one thing puzzles me.  The bullies still wish to be popular and liked too.  

How can you expect love or even some approval from someone you have just bullied, robbed or deceived?  I can see that their greed is so humongous that they want it all, power, money and love, but please, have some logic!  Of course, some people have achieved this feat in the history but they were known to have conscience and they did not rely on bullying.  No decent mind would give a minute to the bullies.  Thus the bullies resort to nepotism or favoritism.  The bullies have to look for sub-decent lots who would sell their soul for a right price.  There is an apt name for these opportunists: sycophants. 

Often the sycophants are more despised than the bully himself because the sycophants abuse the power despite they have no merits of their own.  They ride on the back of the bully while fully aware of the pain they incur on others, even enjoying it.  Fortunately, the sycophants almost always meet the same end: fired or kicked out by the bully.  The bully do not like being used because it is a privilege granted only to the bully himself.  Human psychology is a funny thing.  You can almost forget for a split second how much you disapprove of the bully when he has crushed his sycophants.  Maybe the bully keeps the sycophants to blame his wrongdoings later.   There is never love to be lost between the bully and the sycophants.  Only the sugar-coated agenda on the both sides.  It must be really lonely at the top when you are a bully.  

Nevertheless the bullies will survive but not the sycophants.  The world will punish the wimps, once they are deprived of the power they had never deserved.  The sycophants seem to meet an end very similar to that of the hyena.  Forsaken and loss of credentials.  No one replies to Mme. Landlord anymore and her un-spruced apartments have not yet been bought despite the lowered price in Paris where properties sell like hot potato chips.

However, there is one group of people who are more deplorable and more hated than the hyenas, the sycophants and even the bullies.  This last group is the most tempting that I must resist joining at all cost.  To be continued.


  1. I'm curious as to what's about to happen. Who ios this mysterious group?

  2. Thanks for your ongoing support. Say hello to your beautiful cat from me.