Sunday, 16 December 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 98

Have you ever saved a poor bullied at some stage in your life?  And did the bullied remain grateful to you?  Or, maybe the same bullied turned on you when the gang shifted their bullying on you instead?  

The former bullied knows the pain you are going through and yet the ungrateful former bullied will join the bullying to attack you.  That makes them more cowards than the bully who does not yet know the pain of being bullied.  My intention is not to play a British style words game, but I hope my message is getting across to you.  The person who is more despised than the bully is the former bullied who joins a collective bullying.  Furthermore, the former bullied-turned predator will slip back into the discriminated position when it will be more convenient to appear weak in this politically-correct age.  Media loves the story of underdogs, the victims, etc. because it will get a higher rating.

While the bully grabs what he wants, there are crafty ones who prefer to manipulate others into giving him/her the prize.  If you ever have watched any of those cooking contest on TV’, there is always a contestant who initially appears timid and helpless.  She may even cry to milk sympathy of the judges and the viewers that would carry her over to the advanced level which she does not have the merit to deserve.  Then to the horror of the viewers, cockiness appears on the former helpless lamb.  She starts to act like she has earned the glory all by her self and arrogant statements would come out of her ungrateful lips. Before you know it, she will be posing for a cover magazine to now the horror of the professional models or the truly beautiful.  Nothing like a rigged victory to discourage the young people from making right efforts. 

Victim card works and gets you what you do not deserve.  It may be the biggest temptation the people is exposed in the modern age.  Why don’t I join them having been exposed to the success of the Sludge people behind the restaurant from Hell  who know every trick in the book of former victim business?  Their neighbors can't touch those regulation cheaters because they are afraid of being sued for discrimination.  Had it been a French owner the restaurant from Hell would have been shut down after three complaints to the authority.    

The people who knows my situation (and the readers of my blog) would not argue that I have been their victim in true sense and they suggest revenge.  But I would have to remain a victim throughout the process of revenge.  The longer I remain a victim, more chances of me becoming a stealthy predator.  I am a human after all.  The benefit of the victim card is tempting, but becoming a Sludge feels ominious.   They are getting by, but their restaurant could have been so much better had they chosen to do things right.   Yet, my not doing anything would seem like a defeat to the bully, almost a poor excuse for not having the courage to fight back the evil.

Then I had an inspiration.  It showed me the way out from being a victim without any sense of defeat.  To be continued.
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  1. Things are about to hot up again then? I look forward to reading the next few instalments.

  2. Thank you for your enthusiasm. It is heading to the direction that I had no foreseen.