Monday, 21 January 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 100

I shall not bore my readers by sharing how peace came to my mind through choosing to pay the price of living in the apartment above the restaurant from Hell in order to save someone whom I will never meet.  Some of you may even be disappointed that I did not opt for revenge.  But please, give some time to the wisdom of my ancestors which was to give one’s enemy what they want.  Not what they need.  One of the tragedies of humanity is that we do not always want what is good for us.  We often refuse to listen to what we truly need.  We are the worst enemy of ourselves.  I cannot give you the instant result of my decision because it will take time for its effect to surface if you care to stick around.  But there are some signs already. 

I shall start with the managers of the restaurant from Hell.  I did not complain when Mme. Harmonie extended their opening hours to midnight without lowering the music to the detriment of the residents of the building.  She got what she wanted.  However, this arrangement backfired because serious diners stay away from eateries with a long hours whose chef is deemed to be so mediocre that cannot attract diners during the decent hours.  Our restaurant from Hell is vacant during 18:30~20:30 while the nearby restaurants are busy with serious diners.  Some drinkers start dropping in late hours but they just want nibbles.  They will drink talk laugh till late without ordering an expensive dish.  The restaurant from Hell has become a bar in effect except it costs more to run than a real bar.  

The real bars do not need to pay a chef for the long hours and the place is usually cozy small, which translates to ‘less rent to pay’.  Our restaurant from Hell still has to pay the rent for a quite big place.  They often hold private parties with a loud music, which further consolidates the bad image of being a secondary restaurant that relies on music and long opening hours instead of food.  If only they had done the right things like other decent eateries considerate of their neighbors, they could have been more successful.  But it was Mme. Harmonie and her partners who made the ultimate decision to ignore the regulations of Paris restaurant code.

Let this be clear that I no longer want the restaurant from Hell to fail.  I prefer that they stay in our building so that they will not create another hell somewhere else.  There must not be any more victims of the Sludge and their bar-restaurants.  Therefore, I am now glad that I refrained from appealing my lawsuit against the restaurant which legalized their questionable right to run a restaurant.  Victory for them… if they can run a profitable restaurant.  They are bound to Mr. Pride by a contract to keep paying him the rent for 3 to 10 years in Paris no matter how little their profit may be.  However, if the right of restaurant had been cancelled by the court, Mme. Harmonie could have demanded a compensation from Mr. Pride for having failed to disclose my old lawsuit before Mme. Harmonie bought the faulty right.  The compensation figure could have been bigger than the profit she will ever make from her mildly successful bar-restaurant from Hell.

Speaking of Mr. Pride, I shall write how he is doing after my decision in my next post.  To be continued.


  1. Looks like the restaurant is experiencing some Karma. Serves them right.

    1. That was a quick responce! Thank you for your loyal interest in my humble story. May 2019 be a great year for you.

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