Sunday, 13 January 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 101

As my readers would know from my past posts Mr. Pride, the landlord of the restaurant from Hell was not quite a monster Mme. Landlord had made him out to be.  She often performed a tacky impersonation of Mr. Pride, of how he sniggered at my near death encounter.  Boorishness of the sight of an old woman going ‘Hee hee!’ which I attributed to Mr. Pride was in fact that of Mme. Landlord herself.  Unlike her prediction, Mr. Pride apologized that the excess electromagnetic or something overflowing from the badly installed commercial electric appliances in his kitchen below my bedroom nearly killed me.  I am not the one to discredit apologies by claiming that they were not genuine enough.  The perpetrator still has a choice to give an apology or not because with his power he could resume to dominate the weak in this dog-eat-dog world.  If he has so chosen to stop taking advantage of the situation, then his action speaks louder than his words.  It is to be noted that some victims who insist that they are not about money but sincerity of the apology, would repeat compensation demands claiming that the previous sum did not reflect enough ‘sincerity.’ 

Back to Mr. Pride who was not a monster, but not a compassionate person either.  When I moved back to the room above his restaurant from Hell, I wrote to him that I would pay for the sound proof insulation inside my room and my only request was that he move his big commercial freezer 5~7cm away from the wall so that the vibrating noise would be weaker when it reached my apartment via the wall.  This would not have cost him a cent, but he chose to ignore my request.  Mr. Pride did not want a person’s death on him, but ongoing suffering caused by the noise emitted by his restaurant from Hell, he had no sympathy for.  This was not too surprising but I had wanted to know if he shared the same attitude as the Sludge, the victim-business players. 

I did not have to wait long.  Mr. Pride decided to demand a big sum of compensation from all the landlords who had voted against his restaurant.  His lawyer claimed Mr. Pride to be a victim of a gross obstruction of business that Mme. Landlord and the others should pay him for having put more importance on my sufferings over his business.  Mr. Pride refused to acquiece that there was any noise from his restaurant from Hell.  His lawyer went to accuse me of abusive behavior for pretending to be a victim in hope to sabotage his restaurant.  I was puzzled because what victim-pretender would spend their own money on an unnecessary insulation?  Then I realized that Mr. Pride was perhaps afraid that I would demand compensation from him.  What he accused of me, pretending to be a victim, demanding compensation…all reflected his attitude as the Sludge.  Oh what a pity.

Mr. Pride would never believe that I was accepting the restaurant from Hell so that it would not relocate to prey on more people.  He would continue to grab what he wanted and would succeed most likely.  However, he will never know of the treasure given freely by the others.  For instance, I have just received a message from TripAdvisor that I have progressed to become the top 43rd popular reviewer of Paris.  I have not yet and shall not ever write a negative reviews about the restaurant from Hell, but had Mr. Pride been a little more harmonious, I would have searched for reasons to write a glowing review. It may not be much, but it would have been some help.  The other residents of the building would have become clients too—the best type of regular clients an eatery can hope to have.  

Next post is about what happened to Mr. Honor, the man I once referred to as Goliath who protected the restaurant from Hell at all cost.  

To be continued


  1. You should sue for compensation. It would teach Mr Pride a lesson.

  2. He will think of another way of portraying himself as a victim to sue compensation against compensation, if that makes sense.