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The true horror stories in modern Paris part 70

I was making a move back from Japan to Paris last weekend thus I could not update my blog.   Today I am going to make it up by writing a fairly long post. As always the writer Christopher commented  that ‘compensation junkie’ would be stopped one day.   That is very likely on an individual level and the family level.   Even the company taken over by compensation junkies may be stopped albeit it will be more difficult.   However, when the plague spread nationwide…the history tells us it has happened several times, other nations will seize the opportunity to invade a self-weaken nation whose people have lost the will to endeavour.   Why would you want to be industrious when a bunch of social moochers are fed free while increasing your burden to support the system?   As a history buff, I read books and articles and found several traits that were common among those compensation junkies:  1)      They bend to the powerhouse like USA or the Great China.   However, to the less threaten