Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 105

My update was delayed because life always gets in the way in Paris.  Not least was petty Mme. Landlord harassing me again.  Not directly, but through spreading slander about me.  She still cannot give up the idea of her, the self-addressed epitome of virtue and harmony, preaching me, an ignorant immigrant, a lesson.  It used to worry me until I realized that no one in Paris pays attention.  No one cares about me nor about Mme. Landlord despite her pathetic cry for attention.  So, let her do her worst.  It will only damage her blood pressure.

You might wonder why I stay in Paris despite its obviously cold acceptance.  You may say that many aspects of living in Japan is more advanced and precise.  Yes, but that alone does not constitute happiness.  I have met a couple of Japanese men in Paris that reminded me why I left there in the first place.  Despite the dodgy reception that I received the last four years in Paris, and another 15 years before that in Sydney, I never experience the real sense of defeat because it was natural that the natives would have the obvious advantage over me.  I always acknowledged the priority of the born citizens over me wherever I lived.

However, things turn personal when your own people discriminate you.  Even brutal when it happens in Paris.

To be continued.  I am sorry that today's post is shorter than usual.


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  1. Discrimination from anyone is always to be condemned. I'm looking forward to a longer post next week. I need to see how things turn out for you.