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The true horror stories in modern Paris part 71

A weird thing happened two weeks ago.   Mme. Landlord who had sold her apartment was seen wondering in the garbage room of the building.   Of course, I nearly screamed.   What is it with this woman and her obsession with the garbage?   I have heard that the French people are not big on cleanness, but this still felt extreme.   It gave me a shudder when she looked at me and smiled a little, as if she had run into an old friend.   This was the woman who sent an abusive slander about me to everyone in the building last month.   What did she expect from me? I returned her greeting politely but coldly and walked past her without slowing down.   No more the usual and well-known Japanese warm smile.   I am a traditional Japanese woman who would tolerate condescension, selfishness, impoliteness, what have you, for a very long time, but once we have burnt the bridge, you do not exist to us.   I am not morally above revenge, but mere breathing of the same air with the disappointing person ma